Friday, November 6, 2015

Biding Our Time in 29

Today I will continue our 2005 travel story, picking up on the week of September 12, 2005, with Kathi and me in Twentynine Palms, CA awaiting our son, Christopher and his fellow marines as they returned from Iraq. We had a few days to wait, but not sure how many, because the Marines never announce their travel plans.

Kathi was having some back problems and visited a chiropractor several times while we were in town. Kathi had back surgery a few years earlier and was still feeling the effects of the surgery. Some back pain and leg neuropathy had become routine. A chiropractor in Texas had been helpful to relieve the pain. After the third visit the chiropractor in Twentynine Palms suggest she take up yoga. Kathi assumed he did not want the short term business.

Wednesday we drove into Palm Springs to get some brake work done on our car. We had a good time looking around the area. All the green grass and colorful flowers were so much different from the desert atmosphere and appearance in 29 just about 30 miles away. We saw water sprinklers everywhere in Palm Springs. The golf courses were especially pleasing to the eye.

We visited the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, CA and had a great time. How could I not have a good time with Kathi in a casino? I think the casinos are her favorite places in the world. We both managed to double our allowance of play money and actually took it home with us.

We had lunch at the casino buffet. They had a nice selection of choices for lunch. Kathi had chili rellenos and said they were the best she had tasted since we had Mexican food in Van Horn, TX.

We tried to ignore the news in Iraq as much as possible and certainly did not dwell on it when our son was in country, but it was hard to avoid the news of the young men being killed every day. A bad situation. We were very proud of Christopher for being willing to put himself in harm's way to protect our country. We finally got a call from Christopher on Saturday and it was a relief to hear from him. He sounded good and his spirits were high,but he was anxious to return to the states as much as we wanted him to be here.

Monday the 19th it rained most of the night. Rain pattering on the roof of the RV reminded me of being at my grandmother's house in Nacogdoches, TX. She had a tin roof which always made the rain sound louder. Rain in the desert is always pleasant.

Our oldest son, AJ called to let us know his application had been accepted to San Francisco State. He would be returning to school in January to complete his education. More good news was always welcome.

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  1. Enjoy your posts. So happy ya'll are still able to do all that fun stuff. Remember 29 Palms well. Also your Grandmothers house in Nacogdoches. Nice memories. Very happy Christopher is home. Thank him sincerely fom me for his service, please. Happy Trails to you both ! Jamie