Friday, November 20, 2015

Circus Circus

We are staying at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, TX for an extended period of time and while we are here, I have been relating some of our previous travel adventures. Today I am continuing our 2005 travel story. I left off with us in Palm Springs with our son Christopher, Frankie Cauthorn, Jason Kepner and Frankie’s parents. We spent a couple of fun days together, celebrating the Marines being back in the USA from Iraq.

Sunday, October 9th, 2005 Christopher, Kathi and I returned to our RV in Twentynine Palms. Christopher spent the night with us and slept on the couch in our RV. We were all tired from the weekend activities and I am sure the Marines had not adjusted from the time differences from their trip from Iraq to California. Monday morning Kathi and I were up early and enjoyed watching Christopher sleeping hard on the couch. It was good to see him safe with us again.

Meanwhile, back in San Francisco, AJ’s hand was not getting better and he returned to the doctor to get it re-wrapped. He was still having a lot of pain in his hand and the doctor was not very sympathetic about it.

We took Christopher and a couple of his Marine friends running errands in Twentynine Palms on the base and in the town. The Marines were taking a one week leave beginning the following Monday, October 17th.  We were planning to take Christopher on a trip to Las Vegas with us for a few days.

Monday we left Twentynine Palms moving east, then north on Amboy Road. At Amboy we turned east on The National Trails Highway, also called CA 66 at this section of road. Just before Fenner CA 66 split off from the National Trails Highway and became Goffs Road. We stayed on CA 66 until it dead ended on US 95, which we followed north into Las Vegas. The trip was about 200 miles and took us a little more than three hours.

In Las Vegas we had rooms reserved at Circus Circus. We had stayed there several time twenty years earlier. There were many things we recognized and a few changes to the casino and the d├ęcor, but it was familiar ground. Christopher had a few good wins, but mostly we just had a good time being together. Three days is always enough time for Las Vegas and we were all exhausted again for our drive back to 29.

We spent the next week around 29 running errands with the Marines. Christopher picked up his dress blue uniform and it looked great. They were getting ready for the Marine Corps Ball in early November. The Marine Corps birthday is November 11th.

October 23, 2005 was our 41st anniversary. We were happy and felt we had already done our celebrating early.

Next stop: Lone Pine

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