Monday, November 2, 2015

Hospitals and Thanksgiving

I have been lax in my writing the last two weeks and I apologize to the readers. Between Kathi being sick and trips to two hospitals to see Kathi’s brother and step-father, I have not been able to settle into my normal routine. Kathi is back to normal, which helps.

Kathi’s brother, Larry Clark is in Methodist Hospital. He had pneumonia and was unable to fight it off because of his lack of an immune system due to the acute myeloid leukemia. He is still in remission from the leukemia, but has lost 20 pounds the last two weeks in the hospital. He is down about 60 pounds from his desired weight. He is very weak, but wants to go home anyway. The doctors may make a decision any day now.

Kathi’s step-father, Jim Hathaway is in Patients Hospital in Pasadena. He went to the hospital with pneumonia and a urinary tract infection. He is having trouble getting enough oxygen. Jim is 86 and his prognosis is guarded. Jim’s children, Rick Hathaway, Becky Boyd and Jon Hathaway visit Jim every day and have been helping doctors and nurses with Jim’s care at the hospital.

That’s enough medical news.

Kathi and I are still awaiting the arrival of six Michelin tires at the La Porte Tire Center. We are expecting a call from them any day now. They have been on order for about two months. It is past time to re-register our motorhome, which I could not do until we got it inspected. It could not pass inspection without at least two new tires. Any day now, I am sure all this will be behind us.

The rain the last few days left a stain on the ceiling in our motorhome. There is a small hole somewhere on our roof near the pantry that allows water to get inside. My brother-in law, Lloyd Jackson patched a small leak in the same area a few months ago and we made it through two rain storms with no leaks, then came the big rain last week and we sprung another leak in the same area. RV’s are just like with houses – repairs are continuous.

I talked to our son, AJ in Austin yesterday to confirm he is coming to stay with us over the Thanksgiving weekend. Larry is really looking forward to having the family over to his house on Thanksgiving Day. Kathi and Andrea discussed the menu while we were at the hospital yesterday. Everyone pitches in to bring food to the occasion. Kathi ordered a honey baked ham this morning that we will pick up a couple of days ahead of time and hopefully avoid the rush at the Honey Baked store. I am really looking forward to having AJ with us this Thanksgiving.

Marigolds near the entrance of Patients Hospital.

Virginia and Jim Hathaway about 15 years ago.

Jim Hathaway a few years ago.

A thin Larry Clark at Methodist Hospital.

Jim Hathaway earlier this year.

Jim Hathaway in the hospital last week.

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