Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Season

Today’s post is an update on current activities.

Kathi and I are at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, Texas. We migrated here November 25, 2014. This is the first time since we started traveling that we have stayed at the same location for a year. We have spent a good deal of the time helping Kathi’s brother Larry Clark’s effort to overcome his leukemia. His wife Andrea is still working so Kathi and I have been staying with Larry in the daytime when he needs assistance and taking him to the clinic at Methodist Hospital for routine blood draws to assess his recovery status.

Larry has been in the hospital this week with a recurring bout of pneumonia. Hopefully, he is going to be released today, dependent on his blood results, to spend Thanksgiving with his family. Dr. Kamble (pronounced Cam-blay) is his bone marrow transplant doctor and lead doctor on his hospital stay.

Depression is always an issue with long-term illnesses and Larry is no different from other people. Dr. Kamble is more concerned with Larry’s mental health and that concern is greater than the physical health issue at this time. So maybe Larry will be home for Thanksgiving.

Larry’s daughter Amy Whitaker and her son Sean are in town from Kansas for Thanksgiving and other family members from around Texas will be here. Amy will be in town for about three weeks.

Kathi and I finally got the Michelin tires we have been awaiting for three months. We were supposed to get them from Canada, but Canada had to get them from Europe. They did not give us a price discount for the delay. They were also supposed to do a state inspection, but could not get the turn indicators to work. They worked after we got home, so I do not know for sure what the problem was. Monday I drove over to Freightliner to get a new flasher, just in case that was causing an intermittent problem. We went to Red’s Tire in Bacliff for an inspection yesterday and we found out my insurance card was out of date, so we had to return home to get on the computer and print out a new insurance card before we could get the inspection.

Our Alfa motorhome registration expired in July and I wanted to get a new registration sticker yesterday, so I went to the Galveston County Tax office yesterday to register. They informed me that since our permanent address is in Livingston, I would have to go to Polk Country to register. We opted to come home and register on the internet. As soon as we get a receipt in my e-mail, we will be able to travel at will.

We went to Honey Baked yesterday and picked up an eleven pound spiral sliced ham to go with the Turkey for Thanksgiving. Today, Kathi is making deviled eggs, green bean casserole and a corn casserole for Thanksgiving at Larry’s tomorrow.

I am wishing a Happy Thanksgiving for everyone. Peace.

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  1. You rat! You should have come up here and done the registration and paid us a visit!!