Sunday, December 6, 2015

East to Phoenix - Mesa

A few years ago on a Friday morning Kathi and I had visited both sons in California and were ready to return to Texas for yearend holidays. It was November 4, 2005 and our first stop was to be in Mesa, AZ. The trip for the day was about 300 miles, moving east from Twentynine Palms on CA 62 then south on CA 177, until we hit I-10. Then we moved east on I-10 until we got to the Good Life RV Park in Mesa. It was another beautiful drive with mountains all around. There was hardly any traffic until we got near Phoenix. Mesa is just east and adjoined to Phoenix.

We had to drive through Phoenix at four pm with Friday afternoon going-home-from-work traffic. We slowed to creeper speed with winding roads and narrow lanes. I must have had trouble keeping Alfa in our lane, because more than one truck driver honked at me. I used my mirrors to check stripes in the road and I was driving pretty much on the stripes on each side – the lanes were way too narrow for me. This was a six lane road in each direction – a lot of vehicles. I am glad I do not use that highway every day.

We finally arrived at the RV park and I was really glad to park. The park had over 1,200 back-in spaces. The park was filled with mostly senior citizens. We found out later that there are a lot of big parks in the Phoenix/Mesa area. It seems that many snowbirds spend the winter in Phoenix.

We spent most of the weekend at home, but still managed to do some sightseeing. The weather was cool at night and got warmer as the day progressed. All-in-all beautiful sightseeing weather. There was a lot to see in Mesa and even more in Phoenix and we did not even make a dent in our sightseeing desires. We may try again someday.

We had an appointment on Monday morning at Earnhardt’s RV to repair or replace our ice maker and a defective windshield wiper under our extended warranty. We were not looking forward to staying in a hotel. When we explained our RV was our home they were very gracious and let us take our RV home at the end of the day. We took it in at nine am and picked it up at five pm.

We moved to the Val Vista RV Park Monday night, since it was closer to Earnhardt’s. We were back in the shop at nine am Tuesday morning to complete repairs. They were very efficient and were nice people to do business with. We recommend Earnhardt’s to anyone that needs RV service in the Mesa area.

We spent two more days at Val Vista and then we were ready to move along. Thursday, November 10, 2005 we moved to the Benson I-10 RV Park in Benson, AZ. We like this park because it affords easy access to and from I-10. You can see the park from the highway. Another great drive with mountains as a backdrop in every direction. The weather was great, even with the constant wind blowing.

We had another RV just like our Alfa See Ya parked right next to us. That is unusual, since we do not see a lot of them. We spent Friday at home doing a little light house work and getting ready to travel to Las Cruces on Saturday.

I do not have any pictures of the Phoenix and Mesa area, but Arizona has a lot to offer. The first three photos are in Monument Valley and the other three I took at the Grand Canyon.

Left and Right Mittens

One of my favorite pictures. Arizona highway 163 through Monument Valley.

The Thumb

Grand Canyon visitors on a ledge.

A view down the canyon.

Unusual rock formations in the Canyon.

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