Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Near Thanksgiving 2005

Today I am continuing our 2005 travel year story.  

My last post had us arriving at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, TX on November 19, 2005. It was a Saturday night and Kathi spent the evening letting everyone know she was back in the Houston area.

We actually never thought of ourselves as being from Houston. Kathi left Guthrie, OK at an early age and moved to Pasadena, TX where she grew up and went to high school. I was born in Nacogdoches, TX and my family lived all over Texas as I was growing up, with Nacogdoches as a home base. My family lived in Victoria, Orange, West Orange, San Antonio, Pasadena, Mount Pleasant and Galena Park. We got to stay in Galena Park for all three years I was in high school.

After Kathi and I were married, we lived in Pasadena and South Houston for short periods of time before settling in Deer Park for about 40 years. When we were in Texas, we told everyone we were from the Deer Park/Pasadena area. When traveling out of state we usually told people we were from the Houston area, since it took less explanation.

Sunday we had lunch with my sister, Carol and her husband Lloyd Jackson. Sunday night we had dinner with Kathi’s brother, Carl and his wife Cheryn. It was a fun, busy day. Monday we did our laundry in the morning and had lunch with Kathi’s mother and step-father, Jim Hathaway in the afternoon. It was nice to be back with family.

We stayed home the next two days doing some housework and reading. We got a call from my sister that Lloyd’s mother was in the hospital. They suspect she had a stroke.

Thanksgiving day we were at John and Shanna Clark’s home for the holiday festivities. Most of the family was in attendance. We did miss both our boys being there. AJ was living in San Francisco and Christopher was on duty in Iraq.

Friday we visited with my sister in their RV. Carol and Lloyd were in the area for year end, just as we were. Lloyd’s mother, Mrs. Jackson was still in the hospital, having more tests run.

Saturday we had rain all day and all night. The rain sounded good hitting the top of our motorhome, but the high humidity in the Houston area was always an issue with us. I think the heat and humidity had my sinuses having fits year round when we lived in that area all the time.

We had lunch at Las Hadas in Deer Park. Their enchiladas were always my favorite of any we had around the country. After lunch Kathi and I visited with her mother and Jim. I spent a little time trying to speed up Jim’s internet connection time on his computer and had a little success. Everything felt like it did before we retired. We felt right at home. 


  1. Being home is always good for short periods of time. Then you miss the excitement of new adventures.

  2. Being home is always good for short periods of time. Then you miss the excitement of new adventures.