Saturday, December 12, 2015

Olecranon Bursitis

I have not written in a few days, so I am going to take a few minutes to itemize my excuses. When I was writing my short stories a couple of years ago, I never needed an excuse not to write. It seems that writers have a built in excuse called a “mental block” or “writer’s block.” I always translated that to “I can’t get any of these ideas in my brilliant mind to come to the surface.” Or, “It’s right on the tip of my tongue, but I can’t say it.” Well, a poor filing system in my brain is not going to be my excuse for not blogging the last week. My excuses are simpler than that.

My right elbow is sore – yes still sore. I went to the doctor to get some medication for inflammation of the elbow. Kathi and I were out of town, so I went to one of the Urgent Care Clinics that are sprouting up everywhere. I was able to see a nurse practitioner that told me I had a problem with the olecranon bursa in my right elbow. She told me they normally use a needle to drain the fluid out of the bursa, but mine did not feel mushy, like fluid was involved. She consulted her computer and found the latest medication prescribed for my condition was Celecoxib, an arthritis medication. I have been taking it for a few days without any apparent change.

So, today, I gave up on the idea that the inflammation would go away and decided to use stronger pain meds to allow me to type on my computer – at least long enough to post a blog.

Kathi and I have been helping with her brother, Larry Clark who is in recovery from leukemia. He is still weak from the weight loss resulting from the treatment causing lack of taste and no saliva in his mouth. He needs to put on about 40 pounds. His daughter Amy Whitaker came to town for Thanksgiving and stayed a couple of weeks after. Kathi and I took advantage of her being here with her dad and we headed out of town for a few days.

I got a speeding ticket ten days ago on South Shore Harbor between League City Parkway and Highway 646. League City police are parked on side streets of the new sub-division several days a week and I knew that. I got behind a parade of cars going 30 in a 35 mph speed zone and in my aggravation and zeal to get around them, I was clocked at 51 mph. An error in judgement and a moment of frustration cost Kathi $149. I am sure she will pay my fine for me. Kathi, are you reading this?

Thanksgiving with the family was fun and it was nice to see some relatives we seldom see. As families spread out following jobs and raising their own families it is hard to get together. When I was young we had family reunions occasionally. That seems like so long ago now. Nowadays we just get together with the members that are available, knowing everyone cannot attend.

Kathi and I are planning to spend a quiet Christmas with our oldest son AJ. We are all looking forward to that in a week or so. I hope you are all enjoying the end of year holiday periods with your families.

Kristine letting Cash Phillip Clark say hello to Grandpa Larry.

Cash with Shanna Clark

Matt Clark holding new son, Cash. Matt is about 6' 5".

Red pickup we saw at All American garage on 146 in Seabrook.

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