Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Village RV Park in Nacogdoches

This is another post about Kathi and my previous travel experiences. It covers the end of our 2005 travel year and takes us into 2006.

I left off our 2005 story with our arrival at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson and getting back together with family and friends for the year-end holidays. We stayed at Green Caye for one month. Our oldest son, AJ was in San Francisco ready to start a new semester at San Francisco State University. Our youngest, Christopher was in the marines and still stationed at Twentynine Palms, CA. Christopher took a two week leave while we were in Dickinson, but he stayed with friends and not with us in our motorhome. One thing we did during Christopher's leave was to get him a cell phone so his mother could keep better track of him. We all know how mothers are, no matter the age of the children.

When our month was up, we were ready to travel again. We made the rounds and said our good byes to everyone, then begin making travel plans. It was January 20, 2006 and we were getting everything ready to move and we had a couple of obstacles. First, our main slide-out got hung up on our carpet. I had to cut a piece out of the carpet to get it loose. Kathi met the challenge with mixed emotions. We would have to put a throw rug over that area for a while as we traveled, but she also knew it was an opportunity to replace the original carpet, which she did not like to begin with. We also had to stop to get the motorhome inspected and a new sticker in the windshield. With those things out of the way, we were finally ready to get on the road.

About three in the afternoon we settled in at the Village RV Park in Nacogdoches, TX. Kathi felt the park was a little rustic for her taste, but it was what I expected. After all, Nacogdoches was my home town and I grew up thinking rustic.

It was a nice cool afternoon and I drove Kathi around town showing Kathi all the schools I attended and all the houses I lived in in the town. My grandparents old homes and my Aunt Bertha's home were always places I drove by when in town. I had a lot of fond memories from the town and being there always reminded me I was a country boy at heart.

The brick streets downtown around the original post office, the Stephen F. Austin University campus and the Old Stone Fort were some of the sites we visited in town. The Harris Hotel Courts on US 59 is another place I always visit. My Grandfather Harris built and owned the motel when they lived in Nacogdoches. I even lived there for a year, while Mom and Dad managed the place.

A lot of fine memories, but we were RV travelers and getting into any town was just a place to stop to plan and get ready to move on down the road again – and we were ready.

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