Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Arkansas in 2006

Today I am writing a continuation our travel story for 2006.

It was Saturday, February 11, 2006 and we were at the Turkey Creek RV Park in Hollister, MO. We were not planning on moving, but it started snowing in the early afternoon and we were low on propane. We could not find a place in Hollister, MO to buy propane, so Kathi and I decided to move south 50 miles to the KOA in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We knew most KOA’s sold propane.

We went south on US 65 until we got into Arkansas, then we went south and west on AR 21 to Berryville, then west to Eureka Springs. We were a little apprehensive about driving in the snow, but the roads were clear, so driving was no problem. We found the KOA was closed for the winter, but they filled our tank with propane and let us stay the night. Really nice people.

The next morning, we drove about 50 more miles south to the McGaugh Service Center in Springdale, AR to boondock for the night, so we could be there early Monday morning for some RV repairs. We found an Outback steak restaurant for dinner and stayed in for the evening. It was still cold, but we had no snow and were able to keep warm using our propane heater. The mechanic was through with the RV repairs by one in the afternoon and we moved a few miles further west on US 62, then south on I 49 to the Outdoor RV Park in Russellville, AR.

Our big slide out was still not working properly and left rear tail light on the car would not work when we were towing it with the motorhome. We would still need some RV work done, but we decided to stay in Russellville a couple of days before moving further south for warmer weather.

Tuesday was a beautiful day. Russellville was a small town, but we drove around to see the sites, anyway. That took less than an hour. We stopped at a Taco Bell and picked up dinner to take home. Wednesday was overcast and we stayed home all day. Kathi made pizza for lunch.

We got a call from our oldest son AJ and he told us he might have his bachelor’s degree from San Francisco State in December. It was good and exciting news for all of us.

On Thursday we moved to the Cloud Nine RV Park in Hot Springs, AR. Other than to visit family, the only vacation my family ever took when I was growing up was in Hot Springs. I was looking forward to being there. The drive was only about 100 miles and the weather was great, except for the wind. I had to fight to keep the RV in my lane during the drive.

After getting set up on a hilltop outside of town, we drove into Hot Springs and did some Walmart shopping. We found an On the Border restaurant for a Mexican food lunch and the food was delicious. The next day was cold and windy and we drove to Benton to catch up on our laundry. We spent Saturday at home reading and watching TV. It snowed during the night and the snow was still on the ground Sunday morning. We decided to stay put a few days until we had warmer weather for travel.

Patience was never a strong point with me. I always wanted to move north too early. As a mental note for the future, we decided going north in the winter was not such a good idea. I know – I was always slow to catch on, but I finally got it that time, while sitting home watching the snow fall outside  the window. 

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