Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cool with Sunshine

Today’s entry is an update on current events in the lives of the extended Boozer family.

As I write I am looking out the window at another beautiful day – cool with sunshine. I have had an upper respiratory infection the last week and some chest congestion that kept me inside most of the week. I went to the doctor on Monday and got a shot and a z-pack. My head is still congested, but I am feeling better. The first time Kathi would let me out in the cold was yesterday when we had lunch at Jimmy Changa’s and it was great, as usual. We shared the Vera Cruz again. It makes a great meal for two at a reasonable price.

Now I am worried about Kathi, who has a raspy throat. I am really hoping I was not contagious to share my ailment with her.

Kathi has been going over to her brother’s house every morning to cook a second breakfast for him after his wife Andrea goes to work. Remember her brother is Larry Clark and is recovering from leukemia. She is trying to put some of the 60 pounds he lost back onto his bones. He likes pancakes, sausage and eggs. Sometime biscuits and gravy replace the pancakes. I was enjoying that breakfast right along with him until I got sick.

Larry is walking with a walker most of the time and doing exercises daily to improve his strength. He is getting stronger all the time. They changed his schedule at the Methodist Hospital Clinic to only once every two weeks. We go back to the clinic on Thursday.

We found out yesterday that my nephew, David Clark has left Houston and moved to Colorado Springs. We wish him well in his new adventures. We missed seeing him at our family get-together on Thanksgiving.

One of my sons got his W-2 earlier in the week and I spent yesterday with TurboTax to file his return for him. Somehow they had a wrong e-mail address for him and would not let me change it on-line. I talked to a representative at TurboTax and it took me a while to prove I was not an identity thief. They asked all kind of questions about what the found out about him on his credit report. His credit report indicated he lived at the address where his grandmother lived, because he had something shipped to that address once. Even harder was trying to remember the model year of a truck that was stolen last year. I guess I finally got the right answer on my third try, because they let me file the return.

We had lunch with my sister Carol and her husband Lloyd Jackson a week or so ago. Carol and Lloyd have both been sick in recent weeks with similar symptoms that I had this week. It took Lloyd a while to get over his bout with this flu-like sickness. We are all glad they are both doing better now.

Cool with sunshine – love it.

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