Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tunica, Mississippi

Today I am picking up our 2005 travel story.

We spent about ten days in cold weather in several Arkansas locations and were ready for warmer.  On Tuesday, February 21, 2006 we left the Cloud Nine RV Park in Hot Springs, AR and moved to Sam’s Town in Tunica, MS. The drive was about 200 miles. After thawing water and sewer lines we were able to leave Hot Springs about noon. It was not a fun morning. We were tired of being cold and snowed in. The roads were clear and it was a smooth ride to Tunica. We stopped along the way to get propane and get the motorhome washed – it was filthy. Driving in the snow is much nastier than driving in the rain.

We paid less than $12 per day to stay in the RV park. A nice paved park with all the amenities, but after being on a snowy hilltop in Arkansas, just the pavement was enough for me. I assume they planned to get our money at the casino instead of the RV park and that was okay with Kathi and I. We were ready for entertainment.

We went to bed and neither of us could sleep, so we got up and went to the casino about 2 am. Believe it or not, the casino was empty, so we had our choice of machines. We had fun for a couple of hours, but never hit anything significant.

It was rainy and cold all day, but no snow and no below freezing temperatures. I tried several times to get TV reception in our RV with no luck. I even took out our portable satellite dish, thinking something was wrong with the automatic dish, Still no luck. I was sure that was an omen that we needed to be gambling instead of watching TV, so back to the casino we went. This trip we went to the Hollywood Casino. Results were the same as the previous night – a little fun and no winnings worth mentioning. We did try the Hollywood buffet and it was just okay.

Thursday we spent the afternoon and evening at Fitzgerald’s casino trying to stay out of the rain. Kathi never seemed to get tired when slot machines are nearby. She wears me out. We ate the buffet at Fitzgerald’s and it was much better than the Hollywood the day before. We stayed inside the casino until the rain stopped.

Friday, we drove to Memphis, TN. It was about 50 miles each way. We were looking for a Walmart store, but never found one. What we saw in Memphis was a tired, rundown and dreary city -- not a place where we would be interested in spending our time. It rained in the evening and most of the night. I tried our TV satellite and it worked perfectly. I never did find out what was wrong the previous two days.

February 25th was Kathi’s birthday. We spent the afternoon and evening at the Grand Casino to celebrate. We obviously celebrate at the drop of a hat, since that seemed to b a normal day when casinos are nearby. The Grand buffet was great. Gambling was fun, but the best we could do was break even, which I consider winning.

Next Stop: Nashville.

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