Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Back in Texas

Today is a continuation of our 2006 travel adventures. While we were in Nashville, Kathi broke a tooth and we were headed back to see her dentist in Deer Park, TX. Now, the story picks up about a week later.

On Tuesday, March 14, 2006 we left Shreveport on I-20 east, then southeast on US-79 to Carthage, TX, then TX-315 to Mt. Enterprise. We left Mt. Enterprise on US-259 and picked up US-59 south. We took the loops around Nacogdoches and Lufkin and stopped at the Rainbow’s End RV Park in Livingston, TX. Rainbow’s End was and is the home of the Escapees travel club and provides our mail service. The red-bud trees were blooming and the area around the park was lush and green. We took advantage of being there and picked up our mail, so we would not have to get it forwarded to us in Dickinson.

Donkey near Rainbow's End

Patriotic sign near highway 59

Streetcar across from the Rainbow's End office

 We only spent one night in Livingston, before moving again. Wednesday we moved into the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, TX. It was a short drive with not much traffic moving south on US-59 to Houston and familiar territory. The RV park was almost full. Not surprising, since a lot of turnaround in chemical plants and refineries was always going on. The park has paved roads and mostly paved RV sites.

We spent a good portion of Thursday outside cleaning basement compartments in our Alfa RV. It was almost impossible to keep the dust and dirt out. It was a great day outside and feeling the cool air made the work go fast. We had lunch at Luby’s Cafeteria in Nassau Bay. Kathi had baked fish and I had a chicken fried steak with lots of gravy. Good food and not so good for my figure.

We spent the next few days around the RV Park reading and watching TV – just killing time until Kathi’s dental appointment. She finally got to see the dentist on Tuesday, March 21st.The bluebonnets were in full bloom on Fairmont Parkway. They were so beautiful to look at on that sunny day. Dr. McGrath fixed her tooth on her first visit and we were free to travel again.

We took Kathi’s mother and step-father to lunch the next day to say goodbye again. We ate at Gringo’s on Underwood Road just north of Spencer Hwy. Kathi’s mother was sad that we were leaving town again so soon. Kathi felt bad, but we needed to move. It was already in the blood.

We got up early Thursday morning and headed back north. We landed at the Mission Delores RV Park in San Augustine, TX. It was a lovely drive with bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush along the way. We felt that Texas roads had some of the best roadside scenery in the country in the springtime. The RV park only charged $7.50 per night. Perfect. We had seen all the sights we wanted to see in a couple of days. The weather was cool and sunny every day and it was pleasant to be outdoors, even if most of our sightseeing was done from inside the car.

We were RV travelers with a big emphasis on travel, so it was time to move along. Next we were going to Choudrant, LA to have Dick Albritton do some more RV repairs for us. One item was sealing the basement to keep dust and dirt out. Woo hoo.

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