Monday, February 8, 2016

Heading Home

We left the Camping World in Nashville on Wednesday, March 8, 2006. They repaired our DirecTV satellite dish and got the lights on our RV to carry the signal to our tow vehicle. The repairs were too expensive, but at least the work was done. These were the same repairs we paid to get done at McGaugh’s RV in Springdale, AR the previous month, but they were unsuccessful. As an RV driver, I was relieved that other motorists could more easily understand my intentions when changing lanes, turning or stopping.

Kathi and I were headed back to Deer Park, TX so she could get a broken tooth repaired. We left Nashville mid-morning and went due south on I-65 for the 210-mile trip to the Birmingham South RV Park in Pelham, AL. As you probably guessed from the name of the RV park, we were just south of Birmingham. It was a great drive and the further south we went the greener the vegetation got. The dogwoods, azaleas and daffodils were blooming and really pleasing to the eyes. We decided to stay only two nights before moving on. The RV park charged $37 per night, which was way out of our price range.

Thursday, we went to Walmart in the morning and spent the rest of the day at home. Robins hopping from limb to limb in the trees were fun to watch. It had been a while since we saw so many at the same time. In the evening and that night, we had heavy wind and rain. I loved hearing the wind and feeling it rock our motorhome as we lay in bed -- not exactly like a waterbed, but close.

Our next stop was the Springridge RV Park in Clinton, MS. Friday morning we got up early to make the 250-mile trip, through Tuscaloosa, AL and Meridian, MS before getting to Clinton. The route was due east on I-20. The weather was great, cool and sunny. Redbud trees were blooming, but not quite to their most vibrant color yet. We stayed in for the day and did not unhook our car, so we would be ready to travel again the on Sunday. Saturday we were home all day with the shades open watching activities of other campers and reading. A beautiful spring day and Kathi’s spaghetti for lunch – great as usual.

The KOA in Shreveport, LA was our next stop. Again it was too expensive at $33 per night, but we were in traveling mode, not in our preferred retired mode enjoying the leisurely RV lifestyle. We were used to spending $10-15 per day at Passport America Parks, but we could not find any near our route. We saw lots of azaleas in bloom along the route from Clinton, MS through Vicksburg, MS, then across the border to Louisiana. We stayed on I-20 through Tallulah, Monroe and Minden, LA, before getting to Shreveport. Total trip was about 210 miles and we were close to our objective in Texas.

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