Monday, February 1, 2016


We awoke to a beautiful spring day at Sam’s Town in Tunica, MS on Tuesday, February 28, 2006. We had been in town for a week, visited several casinos in the area and now it was time for two experienced RV travelers to move along. We left Tunica moving northwest on US 61, then took I-240 west to bypass Memphis. We left the Memphis area on I-40 which took us straight into Nashville. We planned on a five-hour trip for about 250 miles.

There were no big cities along the route, so we made pretty good time and arrived at the Nashville RV Park about two in the afternoon. The only downside of the trip was Kathi breaking a tooth. There was no immediate pain, but we knew we had to get the tooth fixed soon, so we discussed options. Since we were a good way away from our dentist, the best option at the time seemed to be wait until we got home, unless the tooth became a bigger problem.

On Wednesday, the first day of March, we drove around Nashville. It was another beautiful day to be out on a leisurely drive. We found a lot of traffic, which I did not care for so much, but I just slowed down and went along for the ride while Kathi did most of the sightseeing. Daffodils were starting to bloom and the bright yellow color added to the beauty of the day.

Thursday we went for haircuts. I usually wait six to eight months between haircuts and the hair technician thought I wore my hair long. She was surprised when I asked her to cut it all off, just leaving enough to comb. She sheared me like a sheep. Kathi’s haircuts came much more frequently – just something different was better for her.

Driving around the hills outside of town was pleasant. Just on the verge of spring so everything was not full green yet. We would have to come back another time to see it in full bloom.

On Friday, we drove over to Opryland. I remember listening to the Grand Ole Opry on a tall stand-up radio with all the static. I never even dreamed I would visit the place where they broadcast. Of course back then when I listened on the radio they were still in the Ryman Auditorium. There were so many buildings that Opryland was like a small town of its own. There were many entertainment venues for all ages. The red-bud trees were starting to bloom and the sunshine in the sky helped us overlook all the construction slowing down the traffic on that drive in that beautiful hill country.

We stayed in town through the week end driving around part of everyday looking at scenery, which was all new to us. On Monday, we went to Camping World to make another try at getting our lights working between the motorhome to our tow vehicle. Kathi wanted an estimate to replace the carpet, but the price they wanted just to do the estimate was more than I was willing to pay.

Kathi was having problems with the rough edges of her broken tooth, so we decided to head back to Texas to get Kathi’s tooth repaired.


  1. I would like to hear some recordings of the Opry radio show and the Louisiana Hayride

  2. I would like to hear some recordings of the Opry radio show and the Louisiana Hayride

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting, AJ. No telling what you can find on YouTube. Webb Pierce was one of my GOO performers.

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