Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Other RV Travelers

Kathi and I are still at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, TX. The weather is great here today – cool and sunny. We have eaten at all of the local restaurants so many times, Kathi is ready for new cuisine, so do not be surprised if you hear of us moving down the road in the near future.

We still go to visit Larry and Andrea Clark every weekday morning. Larry is Kathi’s brother, who is recovering from leukemia. We are in the “fattening up” stage of his recovery. He is putting on weight and gaining strength. Today is his last day of physical therapy at home. He will start outpatient physical therapy in the next week or so.


Today I would like to acknowledge some other people who write travel blogs. Some of my readers are referred from these sites.

“Travel with the Bayfield Bunch is always a good place to start. Al Bossence writes the blog and he takes great pictures. His post today is about snowfall in Yarnell, AZ in the Peeples Valley. Al and his wife, Kelly are from Ontario, Canada and they winter in Arizona and go back to Canada in the summertime. You can find the blog at

Clancy Tucker writes a blog called ”Clancy Tuckers Blog.” Clancy is a world traveler, photographer and writer. Clancy lives in Australia and also takes great pictures. I had the privilege of being featured in one of Clancy’s blog post a couple of years ago. Visit to see more about him.

Another interesting site I recently became aware of is “Papoojack’s World." So far I have not found out about Papoojack, but I have had some referrals from his blog to mine, which I greatly appreciate. The blogger is a retired Texan living in Saginaw, TX and seems to have a great sense of humor. I am looking forward to learning more about Papoojack. His blog is available at

Another blog with a lot of followers is “The Gypsy Journal” which contains Nick’s Blog. Nick Russell and his wife Terry are full time RV travelers and authors. Nick always has interesting observations. You can find the blog at

My next post will be a continuation of our 2006 RV travel year.

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