Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Shreveport and West Monroe

It was Sunday, April 2, 2006 when we left the Country Livin’ RV Park in Ajax, LA and moved to Campers RV in Shreveport. We use I-49 moving north for a short trip around 75 miles. The humidity was high, otherwise it was a nice day for traveling. The trip took about an hour and 20 minutes. The RV park was nothing special, but the price was $18 per day – a number we could live with. We found a Red Lobster and had a late lunch. Kathi had salmon and I had fried shrimp.

The next couple of days we drove around the city, just enjoying life in the beautiful weather. It was starting to get warmer in the afternoons, but still pleasant. We browsed in a book store and Kathi did some shopping in Old Navy, but we did not buy anything at either place. We were just biding our time awaiting our appointment date for service at Dick Allbriton’s home.

Monday, April 10th it was finally moving day again. We left Shreveport on I-20 moving further east through Minden, Arcadia and Ruston before reaching West Monroe. The trip was about 90 miles and we were in no hurry. We stopped and had our motorhome washed on the way. Part of I-20 traffic was restricted to using only one lane. It seemed like we drove 20 miles moving 5 mph.

We finally got to the east side of West Monroe and stopped at the Pavilion RV Park. We chose it because it was listed in our Passport America book, but they were no longer a Passport America member. There daily price of $27 was way more than we wanted to pay, but it was convenient, so we stayed. The park was nothing special and was near empty when we arrived. We found out it filled up every afternoon and emptied out every morning. That explained them no longer giving Passport America discounts. It was obviously a stopover site for travelers, rather than a place to visit. Passport America Parks usually gives half price discounts for the first two or three days you stay there and full price for additional days.

The next day Kathi wanted us to get haircuts and we drove around West Monroe looking for a Fantastic Sam’s. We never did find one so I had to sleep with a mop full of hair on my head again. I thought that was better than using two pillows, but Kathi did not like me as much with long hair, so I agreed to look for a place for haircuts the next day. Sometimes she forgets or changes her mind the next morning, but not this time. I got my hair cut short again and she did the same. After another lunch at Red Lobster we were ready to leave town again.

Next post: Choudrant and Dick Allbriton.

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