Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Good Life in Louisiana

Thursday, March 23, 2006 we arrived at the Mission Delores RV Park in San Augustine, TX. After a quick trip back to Deer Park for Kathi to see her dentist and get a tooth repaired, we were back on the road. We were taking a leisurely trip to Louisiana to have some RV repair work done. We checked into the RV park for three days, since the price was right. The temperature was cool and the sun was bright and we were enjoying springtime.

Friday we stayed at home and opened the windows of our RV to let the breeze go through. The cool air was exhilarating. Some of the gusts were too cold for me as I read, but it made me feel good even if I was too cold some of the time. I put on a light jacket and kept reading.

Saturday we took a long drive through the Sabine National Forest and across the Toledo Bend Reservoir into Louisiana. We left San Augustine on TX-21 which turned into LA-6. We followed LA-6 into Natchitoches, LA. This is the sister city to my home town, Nacogdoches, TX and I had to visit there at least one time in my life and this was it.

The weather was great and there were a lot of boats on the water. It’s hard to stay inside in the springtime in the south. Natchitoches was nice to drive through and we especially enjoyed driving around the campus of the Northwestern State University. We saw some really large homes in the area and the azaleas were in bloom to add a splash of color to our trip.

Sunday, March 26th it was time to move again. Kathi found another Passport America RV Park in Ajax, LA and made a reservation, so we headed that way. We did a repeat of our drive across Toledo Bend Reservoir and stayed on LA-6 until we got to Many, LA. We left Many on US-171 going north for a couple of miles and turned northwest on LA-175 through Belmont and into Pleasant Hill. We left Pleasant Hill on LA-174 into Ajax. We got set up in the Country Livin’ RV Park. It really was county living. We could look out the window of the motorhome and see people fishing in the lake. What fun.

We drove into Natchitoches again, this time to do some grocery shopping. The prices were too high compared to what Kathi was used to paying, so we decided to hold off on buying groceries for a few days until we found a Walmart store. Monday morning, we did our laundry in beautiful weather. We were glad we did since it started raining that evening and most of the next day. We just stayed inside and read.

Wednesday the sun reappeared and we took I-49 north into Bossier City and a Super Walmart Store. Kathi told me it was nice to be back in civilization. She has never lived in the city, but she thinks like a city girl – almost. We always lived in small towns in the suburbs. Civilization to Kathi is anywhere there is a Walmart within 10 miles. While we were there we looked for an RV park to move into on Sunday. We did not find one that day and decided to look online for something nearby for the next step on our journey.

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