Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Visiting Dick and Trish Albritton

Today is another retro post from our 2006 travel year. On Thursday. April 13th we left the Pavilion RV Park in West Monroe and got on I-20 moving east back to Choudrant, then went south on LA-145 until we reached the Albritton property. The Albritton’s had RV hookups and a guest cottage behind their house, so we moved into one of the RV spaces.

Our Alfa in an RV space behind the Albritton home.

The Albritton’s owned an Alfa motorhome and Dick was one of the most helpful people on the Yahoo Groups site for Alfa motorhome owners. The site gives all Alfa owners a place to share information. Dick seemed to be one of the go to guys concerning the Alfa electrical systems and air conditioning units. Dick also knew where the gaps were in the basement that let dust and dirt get in, so we were there to have him seal our motorhome basement. We spent Thursday night on the property and we were scheduled for work to begin on Friday.

Side view of Albritton guest cottage. Nose of our Alfa on the left.

Guest cottage -- front view

Dick got started working on our motorhome about 7:30 Friday morning and worked on it until about 3:00 in the afternoon. We spent the day reading in their guest cottage, walking about the property and visiting with Trish on their front porch. The Albritton’s were very hospitable hosts. While we visited with Trish, we watched many hummingbirds flying around their bird feeders hung on the porch. Hummingbirds are always fascinating and fun to watch. We also got to watch a neighbor that owned a chicken farm near by spread chicken manure around the Albritton property. The aroma was less than pleasant, but the company was great. After Dick finished his work, we moved back to the Pavilion RV Park in West Monroe to spend the Easter weekend.

Back view of the Albritton home.

It was getting warmer during the daytime and the sky was clear with bright sunshine, so we spent the weekend inside reading and planning our next move. We had an appointment scheduled with Freightliner on April 24th, so our moves were to get us to the Freightliner service center on time.

Our next stop was the Benchmark Coach and RV Park in Meridian, MS. It was a drive due east on I-20 for about 225 miles. I expected the trip to take a little less than five hours. It was cool in the morning and the temperature rose as the day progressed. All the vegetation along the route was green and growing, like it is supposed to be in the springtime. We enjoyed the scenery and the air conditioning on the pleasant drive into Mississippi. Kathi said she hoped it would be cooler in Kentucky and Tennessee. I agreed with her.

The RV park had good streets and paved RV parking sights – always good news. They were also a Passport America park and our nightly rate was $16, which was excellent for us. We spent the evening inside resting. I have never understood why traveling makes us tired, but it seems to do that. Kathi made us a homemade pizza for dinner. They are work for Kathi and fun for me, but always worth the effort.

The next day we toured the area. The countryside was beautiful to see. We had been to casinos along the Mississippi coast, but this was our first time in northern Mississippi. I am glad for the opportunity to visit there.

Next Stop: Gadsden, Alabama

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