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After a fun couple of days touring Washington, DC from our home base at the North Fork Resort in Front Royal, VA, we were ready to move along. Next Stop – Gettysburg, PA. It was Friday, May 5, 2006 and a beautiful day for driving as long as we had air conditioning. The sun was bright and the temperature was in the 80’s. We moved into the Round Top RV Park in Gettysburg for $34 per night. Way out of our price range but what we expected to find when we came here. They make a lot of money off tourism in Gettysburg. We took I-66 about 6 miles northwest from Front Royal, then changed to I-81 northeast into Gettysburg. The trip was only about one hundred miles of pleasant easy driving. Kathi and I never got used to being able to move from state to state with ease. Being from the Houston area we were used to taking long trips to leave the state.

I spent the afternoon and evening reading up on the Civil War and Gettysburg in particular. The battle took place July 1-3, 1863. I read about battles at Little Round Top, the Peach Orchard and Cemetery Hill. I was most fascinated by Pickett’s Charge with 12,500 Confederates trying to break through the strongest point the Union army held on Cemetery Ridge. It sounds crazy, but this battle had soldiers marching over a mile of open country going uphill against rifle and artillery barrages. There were near 50,000 casualties in the three day-long battle of Gettysburg.

Saturday morning, we found an event where they displayed the Battle of Gettysburg with a large battlefield layout and lights to highlight battle lines and movements. It was enjoyable and concurred with my reading. I suspect Kathi was bored half way through, but she did not complain. Next, we took a driving tour of the Gettysburg battlefield. There were lots of monuments to individuals from different states. Funny how you read the history and forget about the fact that it is actually a diverse group of individuals that fight in wars. The weather was great. A lot of other people must have thought the same thing, as the traffic was continuous. We felt like we were holding up progress if we stopped to look at anything for too long.

We also visited a President’s Museum with mannequins of all our presidents in their normal garb. The mannequins were not as well done as I would have liked, but it was nice to see the clothing they wore at the times they were in office. It was interesting to see, but not one of highlights of the Gettysburg visit.

Sunday we drove to a small horse farm. They intentionally breed the horses smaller and they are very distinct from Shetland ponies. We enjoyed looking at all the horses in the stables. They also put on a show where some of the horses did tricks. Most of the show was dogs doing unusual tricks and activities. It was geared for younger folks and they seemed to be enjoying the show.

At this point in our travels a couple of days was enough for any one place. Kathi and I were RV travelers and ready to move along.

Next post: More of our Pennsylvania trip.

Eisenhower in uniform

Franklin Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover I think.

Woodrow Wilson?

Teddy Roosevelt

I do not recognize these chaps.

George Washington

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