Saturday, March 5, 2016

Heiskell to Salem

Today is another post relating our 2006 Travels. We awoke at the Raccoon Valley RV Park in Heiskell, TN and spent the Sunday morning of April 23, 2006 cleaning house and getting ready to move to the Freightliner in Knoxville for service on Monday morning.

We drove over to Freightliner in the late-afternoon and got set up boondocking in their parking lot. The weather was great, so we did not miss our air conditioner. I was apprehensive, because we had done very little boondocking and I was afraid I would drain our batteries. I got up several times during the night to run our generator to keep our batteries charged. We did fine and my apprehension was not necessary.

The next morning, we checked in at the Freightliner service desk. It always takes several hours for even simple tasks at Freightliner, because they always seem to be busy with big trucks. After we checked in we went out for breakfast, then found a tour called “The Dogwood Trail.” The walking tour was only open on weekends, but we drove the tour route. The drive was beautiful and we saw a lot of gigantic mansions with breathtaking gardens – such vibrant colors. After the driving tour, we went back to Freightliner to wait. We waited in the truck drivers lounge with big, plush comfortable recliners. I was tired from being awake a lot of the night and I fell asleep in their recliner. Kathi told me I snored, but the other drivers did not seem to mind. I think Kathi took a nap, also.

We got our RV back at mid-afternoon and moved back to our spot in Raccoon Valley. We stayed at home for the evening and the next day. It was another beautiful day and we had a late lunch at Outback. We always enjoy their steaks. It started raining in the evening and was still raining when we got up Wednesday morning. We made a run to Walmart and came back home to ready our RV for travel the next day. Although it was only a week we felt like we had been in the same spot for a long time and we were both ready to move along. I was disappointed that I never saw a raccoon in Raccoon Valley.

Thursday, April 27, 2006 we left Heiskell, TN and moved into the Dixie Caverns RV Park in Salem, VA. The trip was about 275 miles. We left Heiskell on I-75 south, then east on Loop 640 to bypass Knoxville where we picked up I-40 moving east. We left I-40 for I-91 where they intersected. We went through the twin cities of Bristol, TN and Bristol, VA as we crossed the border, then on through Wytheville and Christiansburg before reaching Salem.

It was another beautiful drive with a lot of vivid green color and many dogwood trees. We passed a Shetland pony farm which was different and exciting for us. The RV park was nothing special, but the scenery around the area was worth the trip. On a bright, cool and sunny Friday morning, we took a drive around the area and came home so I could do some chores outside. I was welcomed by the springtime birds singing continuously – what a treat.


  1. You always like the birds singing

  2. Thanks for reading my blog, AJ. Birds are fun to watch and fun to listen to when they sing.