Friday, March 25, 2016

Kentucky Horse Farms

Today’s post is about our 2006 travel adventures. It was a beautiful Saturday morning on May 13, 2006. It was misting rain intermittently, but we did not care. After all, we were RV travelers and this was our way of life – you cannot complain when you are living a dream. Kathi and I parked our RV the previous evening at the Cummins Ferry RV Park in Salvisa, KY a few miles from Lexington.

In the RV park office, we saw a brochure about million-dollar road where there were a lot of horse farms, so we wanted to go take a look. We had visions of seeing the horses racing around inside the rail fences. What we saw instead of horses was just miles and miles of white rail fences that enclosed lush green grass. The flowers were also in full bloom and gorgeous colors. The bright yellow ones were my favorites, since they looked so vivid in the sunshine, which was only occasional on this day. It turned out the horses on these farms were so valuable they spent most of their time in air conditioned stables and were normally only seen when they were training or racing.

The huge houses set way back off the road was what impressed Kathi the most. It may be called million-dollar road because of the horses, but the homes were probably just as valuable.

Lexington is known as “the horse capital of the world.” It is the second largest city in Kentucky and is located in what is called the blue grass region of the state. We looked and looked, but never saw any grass we thought of as blue. We went to the Kentucky Horse Park and parked and watched. They hold a lot of different kinds of competitions for horses in this park, but there were no events scheduled the day we were there. We did get to see a few horses and riders moving around in the park exercising and training. Certainly some people just rode for fun, but I guess you do not do that with valuable race horses. That park was the only time in our Kentucky visit we actually got to see horses up close.

After three nights at the RV park with no cell reception, we were ready to move along. We were tired of the rain and still tired from the long first day getting there. We were a little disappointed about not seeing more horses. Maybe next time we will time it better and go to a horse race.

Next stop: Back to Raccoon Valley.

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