Thursday, March 17, 2016

State Hopping

Kathi and I left the Round Top RV Park in Gettysburg, PA on Monday, May 8, 2006 and moved to the Fox Den Campground in New Stanton, PA. We left Gettysburg moving west on US 30 through Fayetteville and Chambersburg on the way to join I-76, then continued west into New Stanton. The trip was about 150 miles and I estimated three hours travel time.

Pennsylvania countryside
We had just spent three days driving around the Gettysburg battlefield doing touristy things and moving in the motorhome was fun. There is a lot to be said for traveling with your own bathroom and bedroom. The drive to New Stanton was beautiful with a lot of large farms along the route. Everyone had a red barn. We had never seen so many red barns in one day. It was fun to see the barns and the crops. I-76 is called the Pennsylvania Turnpike in that area and it is a toll road. We did not mind paying the tolls, but we thought there must be a cheaper route since there was sparse traffic on the turnpike. It was a sunshiny cool day, so we kept our jackets on for most of the trip. The RV park was nice, but again the price was a little high for us at $27 per night. After two nights we were ready to move along again. Next stop: Columbus, OH.

More of Pennsylvania
We awoke Wednesday morning, May 10th ready to travel. I had done all the outside work the previous night, so we could get an early start. It was about 200 miles due west from New Stanton to Columbus. We were on I-70 through Washington, then crossed the state line into Ohio. We drove through Cambridge, Zanesville and Hebron after we got into Ohio. None of the towns were large enough to slow traffic on the interstate. There was a lot of green trees and green grass along the route and a few farms where we could not identify the crops. The mountains were fun, as usual.

It started raining on us and drizzled the entire time we were in Columbus. We stayed at the Alton RV Park for $30 per day. The park was okay. We found the Columbus area to be old and rundown and we saw no reason for a return trip. The rain may have influenced our thinking, but I doubt that.

Friday we moved to the Cummins Ferry RV Park in Salvisa, KY. We left Columbus on I-71 going southwest to Cincinnati, then south on I-75 until we got near Lexington. We took the loop around, so we would miss the Lexington traffic and followed US 60 and US 127 into Salvisa. The trip was about 230 miles and I estimated our travel time as 4 ½ hours. Unfortunately there was a bad wreck on I-75 between two trucks. Sadly, we found out later that one person was killed. We were stationary on I-75 for 4 ½ hours, so I badly missed my estimate for this trip.

We arrived in Salvisa about 9:00 pm. This was the first time I had driven the RV having to use the headlights. Our RV park was so far out of town that we had no phone reception. We were both exhausted from the long day, from driving in the dark and trying to locate our RV park in the dark. We turned in almost immediately on arrival. I plugged in electricity and let everything else wait.

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