Friday, April 29, 2016

West on I-10

This post depicts events from July 2006.

We awoke at the River Bend RV Park in Luling, TX on Friday, July 7, 2006 and got everything ready to move. We planned to move on to the Circle Bar RV Park in Ozona, TX when our mail arrived. The mail arrived around 11 am and we hit the road for our 260 mile trip west on I-10, except for Loop 1604 around the north side of San Antonio. We drove straight through with no stops and arrived a little before 4 pm. The park was almost empty. They had a lot of pull-thru spaces and we thought they might pick up some business in the evening with travelers stopping over for the night. It was too hot there for permanent residents in the summertime, especially if you had a choice such as moving on in your RV. We paid $18 per night for a two-night stay. We spent Saturday inside to avoid the heat, but it did seem to be a little cooler than it was on Friday – but it was still July in Texas.

We moved to the El Campo RV Park in Van Horn, TX on Sunday. This was another trip over two hundred miles and we were still in Texas. The Texas – New Mexico was about half way to California coming from the Houston area. We like getting into Van Horn because there are a few spots around that are high enough to be considered mountains and we like the mountains. We paid $14 for a one-night stay, because they only had 30-amp service. That only allowed us to use one compressor which will not keep us cool in Texas in July. 

A motel in Deming. All pictures are from a later trip to Deming.

A church in Deming

Street Art in Deming

 Monday morning, we got out of Texas and into the mountains. We moved to the Dreamcatcher RV Park Deming, NM. This was another Escapees park and we paid $19 per night. It was another 225-mile trip and we had to travel straight through El Paso. Fortunately, traffic was light in the middle of the day. Kathi called for our mail again, so we were going to spend a few days in Deming. We were glad to have 50-amp service again. We stayed in and read, checking every day to see if our mail arrived. 

Sunset in Deming

Akela Flats is a few miles east of Deming

 Our mail finally arrived on Monday, July 14th. We moved on to the Valley of the Sun Motorhome and RV Park in Manana, AZ. Marana is about 25 miles northwest of Tucson. Total trip was about 240 miles and we expected to be on the road 5 hours. The park was nice. They had a lot of permanent residents living in mobile homes and many pre-fab homes about the size of a mobile home. We paid the Passport America rate of $14 per night. After we got set up we went to the Texas Roadhouse for lunch/dinner. It was warm everywhere, including the restaurant, but we enjoyed our meal very much anyway. We spent the evening reading and watching TV, using our fans to supplement the A/C. It was hot, but bearable, if we did not move much.

It rained Monday night which made it a little cooler. Tuesday we went to see “Superman Returns” at the movie theater. We enjoyed the movie and the cooler temperature in the theater. On the way home we dropped by Walmart to pick up another fan.

July and August in the south was one of the main motivations for us having a motorhome and here we were driving from Houston through the desert in New Mexico and Arizona to get to the desert in California. Best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Next time?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Westward Ho!

This post took place the end of June and into July 2006.

Kathi’s stepfather, Jim left their home in La Porte, Texas to take her mother to Guthrie, Oklahoma on Thursday June 29, 2006. All Ginny’s sisters were going to be together for the last time. Ginny was not feeling too well, but she was excited about being with her sisters again. They were a really tight group from childhood to old age.

I was over the anesthetic from my colonoscopy and felt great, but my appetite was gone. I was not sure why. Kathi and I were through with our doctors, except for the renal specialist Kathi needed to see. That was two weeks away and we were already anxious to hit the road. Kathi proposed an alternate plan. She called Dr. Pattanaik and made another appointment on Friday and got his permission for us to travel with a promise to see a nephrologist after we got to California. Good move, Kathi. Kathi called Jim in the evening to check on Ginny and sure enough, she was having a great time visiting.

July 1st was a Saturday and it was raining. It was cooler, which was nice, but we hoped the rain did not last too long to hinder our travel plans. We had lunch at Lubys Cafeteria, then went by the Honey Baked Ham store and picked up two hams to make sandwiches while we traveled.

Sunday evening, we had dinner with Kathi’s older brother, Carl Clark and his wife Cheryn at Topwater Grill in San Leon. We ate fried shrimp at the bar and had a great time visiting.

We spent the next few days avoiding the rain showers and getting ready for our trip. Kathi did a little shopping for both boys. Our oldest needed a TV with a larger screen and our youngest wanted some civilian clothes. We thought they would both be happy with Kathi’s selections.

Tuesday afternoon Kathi called for our mail to be delivered to our next stop – Luling, TX. Escapees usually gets mail to destinations the second day after we call, unless we are in remote areas. Our travel plan was simple. Follow I-10 to California and stop at places with the least cost overnight. We finally gave up on the rain letting up and hit the road on Wednesday, July 5th with rain pouring down in buckets. I had new windshield wipers and a yen to travel, so travel we did. By the time we reached Katy the rain stopped and it was clear the rest of the day.

We got to The River Bend RV Park in Luling about 2 pm. Luling is about 60 miles east of San Antonio and I did not want to go through San Antonio during worker’s traffic driving home, so Luling was a good place for us to stop. The trip was only 175 miles and we arrived refreshed. The park cost $11 per night. We planned to leave Thursday morning after we picked up the mail from the post office.

Thursday came, but the mail did not. We looked around town for a while, then stopped at a farmer’s market and picked up some fresh cream peas – one of my favorite vegetables. They were hard to find outside of Texas. Kathi allowed me to get a pizza for lunch and she cooked some of the fresh vegetables for herself. Delicious and perfect for both of us. Life was good.

Goat and alpaca at River Bend in Luling

Goat demanded a close-up

Handsome dude

White mule at River Bend in Luling

Monday, April 25, 2016

Summer in Texas

Topics in this post occurred in June 2006.

Our Alfa RV was parked at Green Caye in Dickinson, Texas. Kathi and I breezed into town, primarily for her mother’s birthday party, which was the topic of my last post. Before the party we bought a new 2006 Jeep Commander and had new carpet installed in our motorhome. The birthday party was on June 17, 2006 and we were going to be in the area for two more weeks. We spent the time getting medical and dental checkups so we could be gone away from family and doctors for a few months while we made a round trip to California to see both sons.

We had been using the same doctor and dentist for 30 years. Dr. Deepak Pattanaik has all of our medical history. Other than a few emergency room visits on the road he has been our primary care physician. Our Dentist is Dr. Mark McGrath.

The rains came. Sunday, June 18, 2006 it rained hard all night. Kathi had collected a 24-hour urine sample over the week-end for tests related to a kidney problem. Monday morning, we drove the sample to the lab and found the lab and doctor’s office closed – people were flooded in in parts of town. We finally got it turned in on Tuesday, as well as blood draws for routine blood tests.

I failed my dental exam with four new cavities. Most of my teeth have crowns, but these cavities were below the crowns at the gum line. My greatest fear was that the problem would turn out to be too much chocolate. They told me normal dental stuff like brush at bedtime, extra fluoride, dissolving tablets to keep the mouth from drying out while sleeping. I said thanks – but I was careful not to mention chocolate.

Following results of the tests, Dr. Pattanaik sent Kathi to a renal specialist since her kidney function was only about 60%.

Thursday, June 23rd, Kathi dropped me off at a movie and went to lunch with her friend Linda Moreau. I do not remember the movie I went to see, but I was glad Kathi could be with Linda. Good friends are a great part of life.

Friday at the end of June was hot in Texas. The temperature is a reminder why we live in a mobile abode. We took Kathi’s mother and Step-father (Ginny and Jim) to lunch at Gringo’s. Lunch was great and fun, but Ginny was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and we were not sure how much of the conversation she was following. We were so glad we were able to be there with a lot of the family for her 80th birthday party. They were both looking forward to their trip to Oklahoma the following week.

I had a successful colonoscopy on Wednesday, June 28th and after that procedure I was ready to get out of town as soon as possible. Prep for the procedure is the hard part and like everyone else, I hated it. As soon as The renal specialist gave us good news we knew we would get, we planned on being on the road again. Yippee!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ginny's 80th Birthday Party

This is a post from our past travels. The party was enjoyed on Saturday, June 17, 2006.

Kathi’s mother, Virginia (Ginny) Hathaway’s 80th birthday was June 26th. We were having her party a little over a week early, because it was the best fit to get the most people there.

Kathi and I hosted Ginny’s 75th birthday party when we still had a house in Deer Park. Now we were living in an RV and traveling full time, so Andrea and Larry Clark (Ginny’s youngest son) hosted the 80th birthday party. Andrea arranged for a large building for a group of 50-60. She arranged the catering and the decorations. The main decoration color was purple – one of Ginny’s favorites. Kathi and I arrived a little early to help get the tables and chairs set up so everyone would have a place to sit and eat. One of the highlights for Ginny was a lot of pictures of the family over the years. The pictures were dispersed around the room on several tables.

All Ginny and Jim’s children and most of the grandchildren were there. Our two could not be there. AJ was living in San Francisco and Christopher was deployed with the Marines in Okinawa.  Alma Welch was Ginny’s only sibling that attended the birthday party. The other sisters lived in Oklahoma and California. Deteriorating health was a problem for all of them making traveling difficult. Ginny and Jim planned to visit the sisters in Oklahoma a few weeks later. There were lots of nieces and nephews in attendance. Also, several of Ginny and Jim’s friends from Second Baptist Church attended the party. Everyone with a smile and friendly face was welcome.

I ate too much again and was exhausted by the time the guests started leaving. Ginny was tired, but tried to keep going as long as she could. We tried to keep her off her feet as much as possible – but she wanted to see all the pictures. Kathi and I stayed until all the guests went home so we could help stow the tables and chairs along with a little trash disposal. Eek-work. I got to do more manual labor than I was used to, but it was worth the effort.

Everyone had a good time and we enjoyed a lot visiting, a lot of laughter and a lot of food. So much food that Andrea took the leftovers to a women’s shelter in Pasadena. Andrea gets all the credit for making the party a success.

Andrea Clark

Larry Clark, Kathi Boozer, Virginia Hathaway and Carl Clark -- 80th birthday party

Monday, April 18, 2016

New Carpet and Party Prep

This is a post from our travel history, taking us back to Sunday, June 11, 2006.

We picked up Kathi’s mother Ginny and her step-father, Jim in our new Jeep to take them out to lunch at Pappas. The Jeep had four doors and a hatchback and four rows for seating. The back two seats we kept down to allow more storage space. The second seat, hereafter called the back seat did not offer a lot of leg room, so Ginny and Kathi sat in the back seat and Jim sat in the front passenger seat. It was a nice day to be outside. The seafood at Pappas was great, as usual. We spent the afternoon visiting and caught them up with our travel stories. Jim was a long haul trucker when he was younger and was still familiar with most of the sites we discussed.

Ginny and Jim Hathaway -- Kathi's mother and step-father.

Jim and Ginny in the park

 I took the Jeep to PPL on Monday and Kathi stayed home for some pre-carpet installation housekeeping. I read while I waited and they were through with the baseplate installation in early afternoon.

Tuesday we took our motorhome to PPL for carpet installation. We stayed in a hotel that night. Wednesday morning, we drove around the area and found something to eat before checking in with PPL. We knew it was a multiple day job, but we like to stay in touch and Kathi wanted a preview of what the carpet would look like when installation was complete.

The carpet installation was complete on Wednesday afternoon, but the service writer was not happy with the carpet on the slide out and wanted it re-done. They put us in an RV park nearby so we could come in Thursday morning to replace the slide out carpet.

Our recliners sitting on new carpet.

Portable A/C on carpet, mostly covered with throw rugs.
Thursday afternoon we picked up our RV and returned to Green Caye in Dickinson. Kathi was happy with the carpet and glad the work was done. I was glad Kathi was happy. Dr. Pattanaik’s office called and told Kathi her kidney function was still abnormal on her second blood test. They wanted her to return to their office and get instructions for a 24-hour urine sample.  Was all-in to assure Kathi’s health was not compromised.

Our oldest son, AJ called from San Francisco to tell us he felt an earthquake for the first time. It was a 4.7 tremor. He was spending the day shopping and visiting with friends, He was happy, which made us happy too.

We spent Friday at home. Saturday we were going to attend Ginny’s 80th birthday party. Kathi spent the afternoon preparing fruit and vegetable trays for the event.

While Kathi and I were on the road, her sister-in-law, Andrea Clark had done all the hard work, arranging for a location for 50-60 guests and arranging for catering to feed the group and assuring tables and chairs were available for the party. She also brought the birthday cake. We were all looking forward to getting the family together for the event.

Next post: Ginny’s 80th Birthday Party

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The New Jeep

This is a retro post from our 2006 travel year. The new Jeep I discuss in this post now has over 100, 000 miles on it.

Monday evening, June 5th was another hot day in Texas. We went to Home Depot in the evening to buy a new faucet for our bathroom sink. It was dripping constantly and I was unable to repair the original faucet. We liked the look of the Moen facets better, anyway.

While we were at Home Depot, Kathi wanted to look at carpet for our motorhome. She found several that she liked, but when she inquired about an installation, they did not have a sub-contractor they worked with that would install carpet in an RV.

Tuesday was another hot day. This could get redundant, so maybe I will not mention it again while we are in Texas in the summertime. Remember, that is just a maybe. I drove Kathi around to a few more places to look at carpet. It appeared her mind was made up, so I adjusted my mind to the fact that we were getting new carpet in the near future. We had a catfish lunch at Sudie’s. Previously I had ordered all you can eat catfish, but I could not eat that much at one time anymore. I ordered a plate with 3 catfish fillets. Kathi had a seafood platter so she could get oysters.

Kathi called PPL and found out they sold and had installers for carpet in RV’s. We were awaiting a call from Ron Carter that our new Jeep had arrived. We knew we would have to go to PPL to get the base plate for towing installed on our new Jeep. Kathi planned to use that time to look at carpet and make arrangements for installation.

We drove over to Ron Hoover RV on the Katy Freeway in the evening, so we would be there first thing Wednesday morning for some needed repairs. We parked in their driveway where they had an electrical outlet for our motorhome. The drive over was pleasant with little traffic in mid-afternoon.

Wednesday morning, we were awakened early by someone honking a car horn. I put on my pants and opened the door and one of the mechanics wanted me to close our slides to give him room to drive through their gate to get into the shop area. I had my alarm set for seven, but he arrived before 6 am. I was not expecting anyone so early – my bad. I will know next time.

We were in the shop for work on our step, our Kingdome automatic satellite dish and to install the new faucet. They finished the work by early afternoon and we were ready to drive back to Green Caye in Dickinson. This time I-10 was packed and traffic was moving at a snail’s pace. The traffic cleared in about 20 minutes and the rest of the trip was uneventful.

Saturday morning, we picked up our new Jeep. It was exactly what we wanted. The paperwork was signed and we were on the way to PPL. Kathi shopped for carpet and I made arrangements to get the baseplate installed on the Jeep on Monday morning. Kathi made arrangement for carpet installation on Tuesday and Wednesday. Kathi was happy -- life was good.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Latest on Larry

Today’s post is current time to bring you up on current events on what Kathi and I are doing and an update on her brother, Larry Clark, who is still recovering from leukemia.

Saturday was a beautiful sunshiny day. Kathi spent the afternoon cooking and filling plastic containers of food for Larry and Andrea at the hospital. She was also cooking dishes for the freezer to take to our two sons, who still enjoy their mother’s cooking. The chicken and rice Kathi made and put in the freezer looked delicious. I spent most of Saturday doing research and writing blog posts. We went to Jimmy Changa’s in the afternoon and shared the “Vera Cruz” which is our favorite meal at that restaurant. The chips, fajitas and brochette shrimp give us plenty to eat and a little to take home for a snack later.

My sister, Carol and her husband Lloyd have been staying near us at Green Caye for most of the year. They came by to visit in the evening. They completed all their doctor visits and spent a lot of time with their grandchildren over the last few months and they were ready to travel again. They left Sunday morning thinking about moving west in their RV.

Sunday morning, I woke up early and continued my blog research. Kathi awoke a couple of hours later and continued cooking in the morning, so we would be able to take the food to Larry and Andrea at Methodist Hospital in the afternoon. Kathi realized she was short a couple of ingredients, so I was dispatched to Kroger to retrieve needed supplies. The Brussels sprouts were over-cooked, but all the other dishes were a success. Larry had a hamburger for lunch and Andrea opted for a salad with grilled chicken. Kathi and Andrea put the rest of the salad, pork chops and corn in the hospital refrigerator for Larry to eat in the evening.

Kathi and I have been at Green Caye since November 2014. We came here as soon as we found out Larry had leukemia. He went into the hospital the day after Thanksgiving to begin chemotherapy and get a bone marrow transplant. In the process he lost a lot of weight and strength. Kathi is working on the weight pretty successfully. There have been several setbacks with infections, which his body does not fight off as well since the leukemia. He has been in the hospital for the last three weeks fighting a staph infection and trying to dissolve blood clots. The blood clots are a mystery, since his blood platelet count is low and clots do not normally form.

His spirits are high, considering he is going to have to be in the hospital for a few more weeks and he hates being there – probably better stated he likes being at home with Andrea and his own TV.  They are supposed to move him today from the Cell and Gene Transplant Unit on the 8th floor to their long term care facility in the west pavilion of the hospital. He does physical therapy on week days and they try to let him walk with a walker and supervision.  

Andrea has been working half-days and taking work with her to the hospital while being with Larry in the afternoons and evenings. Kathi and I realized Andrea was spread too thin, so she and Andrea talked last night. Kathi let her know that we would spend more time at the hospital and talk to doctors so she could have more time in the office. Hopefully, that will relieve some of her stress and still keep her informed about what doctors say.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Jeep Shopping

This post is about our 2006 travel year.

Kathi woke me up about 5:00 am in Meridian, MS on Friday, May 26, 2006 and told me she was ready to see her mother. I had planned a stop between Mississippi and Texas, but when Kathi wants to move, we move. Fortunately, we found bright sunshine and sparse traffic on I-59 and I-10. I told Kathi I would drive until I got tired and we could stop somewhere along I-10 for the night and jog into Dickinson Saturday morning. We got an early start, but stopped along the way for diesel and to get our motorhome washed. It was pretty grimy and Kathi was planning on having guests drop by while we were in town. She made us tuna fish sandwiches for lunch while we waited our turn at the truck wash. I added a Dr. Pepper and chips and it filled me up and refreshed me. I was wide awake and feeling good, so we kept driving.

Motorhome still looks good when it is washed. This picture was taken in 2016 and the Jeep out front is the one we are shopping for in this blog post.

Another picture of a clean motorhome, taken at Lake Georgetown. Our Jeep still feels new to us.

We got to Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, TX about 4:30 in the afternoon. We got set up in our site at Green Caye and settled in for the evening. I was tired. When I checked our mileage, we had driven 528 miles that day. No wonder I was tired. Kathi called and let everyone know we were in town. Surprise, surprise, it was hot and humid in Texas. We went to bed early and it rained during the night but I barely remember hearing it. Kathi hoped the rain would cool things down a little.

Saturday was overcast and sure enough it was cooler. We had lunch at Red Lobster with Kathi’s mother, Ginny and step-father, Jim. Red Lobster was one of Ginny’s favorite places to eat out. Kathi’s step-brother Jon worked there for several years before he got the operator job at Exxon. Red Lobster is nice, because their menu and food prep is the same all over the country. Hey, it was my birthday – happy 63rd.

Clubhouse for the golf course at Green Caye

Ducks at Green Caye. Picture from 2012. The ducks are still around, but we are parked away from the pond and do not see them as often this year.

This duck insisted on a close-up.

Arlon in front of Alfa at Green Caye RV Park

We drove around the next few days looking at Jeeps at several Jeep dealers in Houston and the surrounding area. The one we decided to do business with was Ron Carter in Alvin, TX. We told them our specifications and they found one in Louisiana they could get shipped into their dealership. They called when it arrived and I went out to look at it and the transmission selector switch was not what I was expecting. I went back in and told them my concern and sure enough, that model was not towable. Kathi did some dickering and discussion and they agreed to keep looking.

Thursday, June 1st we went to see our family doctor, Deepak Pattanaik in Pasadena to have our semi-annual blood tests done to assure our medications were still effective. Kathi also got a steroid shot to see if it would improve her breathing problems. It seemed to help for a few days.

Not much going on for the next few days. We were waiting for a call from Ron Carter that our new Jeep had arrived. We were staying inside most of the day out of the Texas heat. Talk about spoiled – we were and we are. Who cares – being retired is fun.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Going to Texas, Again

Today is another retro post from our 2006 travel year.

Kathi and I were going back to Texas for Kathi’s mother’s 80th birthday party. We had also been talking and we decided to try and trade our Chevy Cavalier for a Jeep while we were there. We got up early on Monday, May 22, 2006 to begin our journey. We left The Raccoon Valley RV Park in Heiskell, TN about 9:30 am. Our journey was mostly south and west. We drove through Oak Ridge, but could not see the famous lab which was off the highway. Oak Ridge was one of the sights in use when we were trying to build an atomic weapon during WWII.

Just before we got to Nashville, we turned south and got on I-65 toward our destination for the day. Our first stop was going to be the Mill Creek RV Park in Elkmont, AL. The trip was around 250 miles and I allowed us about 5 hours drive time to get there.

We saw a lot of wild flowers, including some red ones Kathi did not recognize. When she said she had never seen them before, I was surprised. I do not recognize many flowers, but Kathi liked to grow them before we sold our house and moved into the motorhome full time. I like flowers to look at and smell, but she liked to plant them and watch them grow. It was a pleasant uneventful drive and the scenery was great all the way.

We arrived in Elkmont mid-afternoon and got set up for the evening. We did not unhook our car, since we did not plan on leaving the park until time to move along. Kathi paid for two days at the Passport America rate of $14 per day. That was excellent. It was good to be away from the east coast where the prices were way out of our price range. We had dinner in – grilled cheese sandwiches. Kathi had one and I had two, plus a few chips.

Tuesday was another sun-shiny day and we stayed home. We took a walk around the park in the afternoon. There were beautiful roses planted all over the RV park. Not only did they look good, they smelt good. So many flowers nowadays have lost their fragrance. I think it takes away from the attraction to the flowers. The bees agreed with me. Good smellers were better for me.

Wednesday morning, we were ready to move along again. The next stop was Meridian, MS which was about 250 miles away. We took I-65 south until it connected with I-20, then we took I-20 into Meridian and moved into the Benchmark RV Park -- $16 per night – great to be in the south. Temperature was starting to get warmer, but the bright sunshine sure brought out the colors in the scenery as we drove. We passed a burned out fifth wheel on the side of the road, which is a scary thought. The only thing remaining was the metal frame. I am glad it was on the road and not in an RV park. It made us feel sure no one was injured.

Thursday we went to the grocery store and post office and begin making preparations for the drive to Green Caye in Dickinson. We knew Texas summer was going to be hot and humid, but Kathi was looking forward to seeing her mother and the rest of the family. I was too, but car shopping was in my mind also. I am such a poor negotiator in automobile trades. Why worry – things have a way of working out for us. We lead a good life and complaining is a waste of time.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Back to Raccoon Valley

Today I am posting about our 2006 travel year.

We were in Heiskell, TN on April 20, 2006 to have the Knoxville Freightliner do some work on our motorhome. From there we moved northeast into Virginia and visited Washington DC. Next we moved north into Pennsylvania to visit the Gettysburg battlefield. From Pennsylvania, we went back west to Ohio and then southwest into the blue grass country of Kentucky to see some horses. Next, we went south back to Heiskell, TN and the Raccoon Valley RV Park. The counterclockwise loop we made took us about 1,300 miles in less than three weeks. It was fun, but that was cramming too much into a short period of time.

Now we were back in Raccoon Valley for a week, arriving on Monday, May 15, 2006. The drive from Salvisa, KY was pleasant and we drove ourselves out of the rain and into some sunshine. With all the rain in recent days, the grass and trees were bright green. It is amazing how many shades of green you see in nature’s plants.  We ate in that night and went to bed early.

Tuesday I took our Cavalier to get it washed and get the oil changed. It was an overcast cool day. I left Kathi at home doing household chores. When I got back home, Kathi and I drove to see the new 2006 model Alfa motorhomes on display at Buddy Gregg’s in Knoxville. We were not interested in trading, but just wanted to keep up with what’s new. The Founder was nice and had some different features than ours, but I liked the one we had more.

Wednesday we had a rain shower in the morning, then intermittent sunshine the rest of the day. We got our laundry done early in the morning. Then, Kathi wanted to get an estimate for re-carpeting our motorhome, so we went to Camping World. Kathi hated the original carpet, so she was excited just to be asking for estimates. Me, not so much. The original carpet was fine with me, but I was definitely not in charge of d├ęcor. They did not have any carpet samples Kathi liked, so we put off the carpet project until later. Fine, fine, fine, by me.
Unusual bush and tree sculptures in Tennessee

Friday, Kathi and I went to see Mission Impossible III. We both enjoyed the movie, but we enjoyed the drive to the movie theater just as much. Looking around in new places was and is always an adventure when I am driving. I did a lot of dead-reckoning direction finding, so we got lost a lot. Being lost and finding our way again was often the highlight of our day.

We had rain showers every day for the next couple of days, so we stayed around the RV park. We were planning on returning to the Houston area when we left Tennessee.
More trees in sculpture