Friday, April 1, 2016

Back to Raccoon Valley

Today I am posting about our 2006 travel year.

We were in Heiskell, TN on April 20, 2006 to have the Knoxville Freightliner do some work on our motorhome. From there we moved northeast into Virginia and visited Washington DC. Next we moved north into Pennsylvania to visit the Gettysburg battlefield. From Pennsylvania, we went back west to Ohio and then southwest into the blue grass country of Kentucky to see some horses. Next, we went south back to Heiskell, TN and the Raccoon Valley RV Park. The counterclockwise loop we made took us about 1,300 miles in less than three weeks. It was fun, but that was cramming too much into a short period of time.

Now we were back in Raccoon Valley for a week, arriving on Monday, May 15, 2006. The drive from Salvisa, KY was pleasant and we drove ourselves out of the rain and into some sunshine. With all the rain in recent days, the grass and trees were bright green. It is amazing how many shades of green you see in nature’s plants.  We ate in that night and went to bed early.

Tuesday I took our Cavalier to get it washed and get the oil changed. It was an overcast cool day. I left Kathi at home doing household chores. When I got back home, Kathi and I drove to see the new 2006 model Alfa motorhomes on display at Buddy Gregg’s in Knoxville. We were not interested in trading, but just wanted to keep up with what’s new. The Founder was nice and had some different features than ours, but I liked the one we had more.

Wednesday we had a rain shower in the morning, then intermittent sunshine the rest of the day. We got our laundry done early in the morning. Then, Kathi wanted to get an estimate for re-carpeting our motorhome, so we went to Camping World. Kathi hated the original carpet, so she was excited just to be asking for estimates. Me, not so much. The original carpet was fine with me, but I was definitely not in charge of d├ęcor. They did not have any carpet samples Kathi liked, so we put off the carpet project until later. Fine, fine, fine, by me.
Unusual bush and tree sculptures in Tennessee

Friday, Kathi and I went to see Mission Impossible III. We both enjoyed the movie, but we enjoyed the drive to the movie theater just as much. Looking around in new places was and is always an adventure when I am driving. I did a lot of dead-reckoning direction finding, so we got lost a lot. Being lost and finding our way again was often the highlight of our day.

We had rain showers every day for the next couple of days, so we stayed around the RV park. We were planning on returning to the Houston area when we left Tennessee.
More trees in sculpture

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