Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Going to Texas, Again

Today is another retro post from our 2006 travel year.

Kathi and I were going back to Texas for Kathi’s mother’s 80th birthday party. We had also been talking and we decided to try and trade our Chevy Cavalier for a Jeep while we were there. We got up early on Monday, May 22, 2006 to begin our journey. We left The Raccoon Valley RV Park in Heiskell, TN about 9:30 am. Our journey was mostly south and west. We drove through Oak Ridge, but could not see the famous lab which was off the highway. Oak Ridge was one of the sights in use when we were trying to build an atomic weapon during WWII.

Just before we got to Nashville, we turned south and got on I-65 toward our destination for the day. Our first stop was going to be the Mill Creek RV Park in Elkmont, AL. The trip was around 250 miles and I allowed us about 5 hours drive time to get there.

We saw a lot of wild flowers, including some red ones Kathi did not recognize. When she said she had never seen them before, I was surprised. I do not recognize many flowers, but Kathi liked to grow them before we sold our house and moved into the motorhome full time. I like flowers to look at and smell, but she liked to plant them and watch them grow. It was a pleasant uneventful drive and the scenery was great all the way.

We arrived in Elkmont mid-afternoon and got set up for the evening. We did not unhook our car, since we did not plan on leaving the park until time to move along. Kathi paid for two days at the Passport America rate of $14 per day. That was excellent. It was good to be away from the east coast where the prices were way out of our price range. We had dinner in – grilled cheese sandwiches. Kathi had one and I had two, plus a few chips.

Tuesday was another sun-shiny day and we stayed home. We took a walk around the park in the afternoon. There were beautiful roses planted all over the RV park. Not only did they look good, they smelt good. So many flowers nowadays have lost their fragrance. I think it takes away from the attraction to the flowers. The bees agreed with me. Good smellers were better for me.

Wednesday morning, we were ready to move along again. The next stop was Meridian, MS which was about 250 miles away. We took I-65 south until it connected with I-20, then we took I-20 into Meridian and moved into the Benchmark RV Park -- $16 per night – great to be in the south. Temperature was starting to get warmer, but the bright sunshine sure brought out the colors in the scenery as we drove. We passed a burned out fifth wheel on the side of the road, which is a scary thought. The only thing remaining was the metal frame. I am glad it was on the road and not in an RV park. It made us feel sure no one was injured.

Thursday we went to the grocery store and post office and begin making preparations for the drive to Green Caye in Dickinson. We knew Texas summer was going to be hot and humid, but Kathi was looking forward to seeing her mother and the rest of the family. I was too, but car shopping was in my mind also. I am such a poor negotiator in automobile trades. Why worry – things have a way of working out for us. We lead a good life and complaining is a waste of time.

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