Monday, April 11, 2016

Latest on Larry

Today’s post is current time to bring you up on current events on what Kathi and I are doing and an update on her brother, Larry Clark, who is still recovering from leukemia.

Saturday was a beautiful sunshiny day. Kathi spent the afternoon cooking and filling plastic containers of food for Larry and Andrea at the hospital. She was also cooking dishes for the freezer to take to our two sons, who still enjoy their mother’s cooking. The chicken and rice Kathi made and put in the freezer looked delicious. I spent most of Saturday doing research and writing blog posts. We went to Jimmy Changa’s in the afternoon and shared the “Vera Cruz” which is our favorite meal at that restaurant. The chips, fajitas and brochette shrimp give us plenty to eat and a little to take home for a snack later.

My sister, Carol and her husband Lloyd have been staying near us at Green Caye for most of the year. They came by to visit in the evening. They completed all their doctor visits and spent a lot of time with their grandchildren over the last few months and they were ready to travel again. They left Sunday morning thinking about moving west in their RV.

Sunday morning, I woke up early and continued my blog research. Kathi awoke a couple of hours later and continued cooking in the morning, so we would be able to take the food to Larry and Andrea at Methodist Hospital in the afternoon. Kathi realized she was short a couple of ingredients, so I was dispatched to Kroger to retrieve needed supplies. The Brussels sprouts were over-cooked, but all the other dishes were a success. Larry had a hamburger for lunch and Andrea opted for a salad with grilled chicken. Kathi and Andrea put the rest of the salad, pork chops and corn in the hospital refrigerator for Larry to eat in the evening.

Kathi and I have been at Green Caye since November 2014. We came here as soon as we found out Larry had leukemia. He went into the hospital the day after Thanksgiving to begin chemotherapy and get a bone marrow transplant. In the process he lost a lot of weight and strength. Kathi is working on the weight pretty successfully. There have been several setbacks with infections, which his body does not fight off as well since the leukemia. He has been in the hospital for the last three weeks fighting a staph infection and trying to dissolve blood clots. The blood clots are a mystery, since his blood platelet count is low and clots do not normally form.

His spirits are high, considering he is going to have to be in the hospital for a few more weeks and he hates being there – probably better stated he likes being at home with Andrea and his own TV.  They are supposed to move him today from the Cell and Gene Transplant Unit on the 8th floor to their long term care facility in the west pavilion of the hospital. He does physical therapy on week days and they try to let him walk with a walker and supervision.  

Andrea has been working half-days and taking work with her to the hospital while being with Larry in the afternoons and evenings. Kathi and I realized Andrea was spread too thin, so she and Andrea talked last night. Kathi let her know that we would spend more time at the hospital and talk to doctors so she could have more time in the office. Hopefully, that will relieve some of her stress and still keep her informed about what doctors say.


  1. I sure hope Andrea and L. D. get some good news soon

    1. Just fighting one problem at a time. Things are getting better. Weight still going up.

  2. Michelle AlexanderApril 11, 2016 at 5:52 PM

    Thank you Arlon...It does my heart good to know that you and Kathie are by their side

    1. Thanks for reading, Michelle. Kathi and I are happy to be here to help.