Monday, April 18, 2016

New Carpet and Party Prep

This is a post from our travel history, taking us back to Sunday, June 11, 2006.

We picked up Kathi’s mother Ginny and her step-father, Jim in our new Jeep to take them out to lunch at Pappas. The Jeep had four doors and a hatchback and four rows for seating. The back two seats we kept down to allow more storage space. The second seat, hereafter called the back seat did not offer a lot of leg room, so Ginny and Kathi sat in the back seat and Jim sat in the front passenger seat. It was a nice day to be outside. The seafood at Pappas was great, as usual. We spent the afternoon visiting and caught them up with our travel stories. Jim was a long haul trucker when he was younger and was still familiar with most of the sites we discussed.

Ginny and Jim Hathaway -- Kathi's mother and step-father.

Jim and Ginny in the park

 I took the Jeep to PPL on Monday and Kathi stayed home for some pre-carpet installation housekeeping. I read while I waited and they were through with the baseplate installation in early afternoon.

Tuesday we took our motorhome to PPL for carpet installation. We stayed in a hotel that night. Wednesday morning, we drove around the area and found something to eat before checking in with PPL. We knew it was a multiple day job, but we like to stay in touch and Kathi wanted a preview of what the carpet would look like when installation was complete.

The carpet installation was complete on Wednesday afternoon, but the service writer was not happy with the carpet on the slide out and wanted it re-done. They put us in an RV park nearby so we could come in Thursday morning to replace the slide out carpet.

Our recliners sitting on new carpet.

Portable A/C on carpet, mostly covered with throw rugs.
Thursday afternoon we picked up our RV and returned to Green Caye in Dickinson. Kathi was happy with the carpet and glad the work was done. I was glad Kathi was happy. Dr. Pattanaik’s office called and told Kathi her kidney function was still abnormal on her second blood test. They wanted her to return to their office and get instructions for a 24-hour urine sample.  Was all-in to assure Kathi’s health was not compromised.

Our oldest son, AJ called from San Francisco to tell us he felt an earthquake for the first time. It was a 4.7 tremor. He was spending the day shopping and visiting with friends, He was happy, which made us happy too.

We spent Friday at home. Saturday we were going to attend Ginny’s 80th birthday party. Kathi spent the afternoon preparing fruit and vegetable trays for the event.

While Kathi and I were on the road, her sister-in-law, Andrea Clark had done all the hard work, arranging for a location for 50-60 guests and arranging for catering to feed the group and assuring tables and chairs were available for the party. She also brought the birthday cake. We were all looking forward to getting the family together for the event.

Next post: Ginny’s 80th Birthday Party

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