Monday, April 25, 2016

Summer in Texas

Topics in this post occurred in June 2006.

Our Alfa RV was parked at Green Caye in Dickinson, Texas. Kathi and I breezed into town, primarily for her mother’s birthday party, which was the topic of my last post. Before the party we bought a new 2006 Jeep Commander and had new carpet installed in our motorhome. The birthday party was on June 17, 2006 and we were going to be in the area for two more weeks. We spent the time getting medical and dental checkups so we could be gone away from family and doctors for a few months while we made a round trip to California to see both sons.

We had been using the same doctor and dentist for 30 years. Dr. Deepak Pattanaik has all of our medical history. Other than a few emergency room visits on the road he has been our primary care physician. Our Dentist is Dr. Mark McGrath.

The rains came. Sunday, June 18, 2006 it rained hard all night. Kathi had collected a 24-hour urine sample over the week-end for tests related to a kidney problem. Monday morning, we drove the sample to the lab and found the lab and doctor’s office closed – people were flooded in in parts of town. We finally got it turned in on Tuesday, as well as blood draws for routine blood tests.

I failed my dental exam with four new cavities. Most of my teeth have crowns, but these cavities were below the crowns at the gum line. My greatest fear was that the problem would turn out to be too much chocolate. They told me normal dental stuff like brush at bedtime, extra fluoride, dissolving tablets to keep the mouth from drying out while sleeping. I said thanks – but I was careful not to mention chocolate.

Following results of the tests, Dr. Pattanaik sent Kathi to a renal specialist since her kidney function was only about 60%.

Thursday, June 23rd, Kathi dropped me off at a movie and went to lunch with her friend Linda Moreau. I do not remember the movie I went to see, but I was glad Kathi could be with Linda. Good friends are a great part of life.

Friday at the end of June was hot in Texas. The temperature is a reminder why we live in a mobile abode. We took Kathi’s mother and Step-father (Ginny and Jim) to lunch at Gringo’s. Lunch was great and fun, but Ginny was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and we were not sure how much of the conversation she was following. We were so glad we were able to be there with a lot of the family for her 80th birthday party. They were both looking forward to their trip to Oklahoma the following week.

I had a successful colonoscopy on Wednesday, June 28th and after that procedure I was ready to get out of town as soon as possible. Prep for the procedure is the hard part and like everyone else, I hated it. As soon as The renal specialist gave us good news we knew we would get, we planned on being on the road again. Yippee!

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