Thursday, April 14, 2016

The New Jeep

This is a retro post from our 2006 travel year. The new Jeep I discuss in this post now has over 100, 000 miles on it.

Monday evening, June 5th was another hot day in Texas. We went to Home Depot in the evening to buy a new faucet for our bathroom sink. It was dripping constantly and I was unable to repair the original faucet. We liked the look of the Moen facets better, anyway.

While we were at Home Depot, Kathi wanted to look at carpet for our motorhome. She found several that she liked, but when she inquired about an installation, they did not have a sub-contractor they worked with that would install carpet in an RV.

Tuesday was another hot day. This could get redundant, so maybe I will not mention it again while we are in Texas in the summertime. Remember, that is just a maybe. I drove Kathi around to a few more places to look at carpet. It appeared her mind was made up, so I adjusted my mind to the fact that we were getting new carpet in the near future. We had a catfish lunch at Sudie’s. Previously I had ordered all you can eat catfish, but I could not eat that much at one time anymore. I ordered a plate with 3 catfish fillets. Kathi had a seafood platter so she could get oysters.

Kathi called PPL and found out they sold and had installers for carpet in RV’s. We were awaiting a call from Ron Carter that our new Jeep had arrived. We knew we would have to go to PPL to get the base plate for towing installed on our new Jeep. Kathi planned to use that time to look at carpet and make arrangements for installation.

We drove over to Ron Hoover RV on the Katy Freeway in the evening, so we would be there first thing Wednesday morning for some needed repairs. We parked in their driveway where they had an electrical outlet for our motorhome. The drive over was pleasant with little traffic in mid-afternoon.

Wednesday morning, we were awakened early by someone honking a car horn. I put on my pants and opened the door and one of the mechanics wanted me to close our slides to give him room to drive through their gate to get into the shop area. I had my alarm set for seven, but he arrived before 6 am. I was not expecting anyone so early – my bad. I will know next time.

We were in the shop for work on our step, our Kingdome automatic satellite dish and to install the new faucet. They finished the work by early afternoon and we were ready to drive back to Green Caye in Dickinson. This time I-10 was packed and traffic was moving at a snail’s pace. The traffic cleared in about 20 minutes and the rest of the trip was uneventful.

Saturday morning, we picked up our new Jeep. It was exactly what we wanted. The paperwork was signed and we were on the way to PPL. Kathi shopped for carpet and I made arrangements to get the baseplate installed on the Jeep on Monday morning. Kathi made arrangement for carpet installation on Tuesday and Wednesday. Kathi was happy -- life was good.

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