Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Westward Ho!

This post took place the end of June and into July 2006.

Kathi’s stepfather, Jim left their home in La Porte, Texas to take her mother to Guthrie, Oklahoma on Thursday June 29, 2006. All Ginny’s sisters were going to be together for the last time. Ginny was not feeling too well, but she was excited about being with her sisters again. They were a really tight group from childhood to old age.

I was over the anesthetic from my colonoscopy and felt great, but my appetite was gone. I was not sure why. Kathi and I were through with our doctors, except for the renal specialist Kathi needed to see. That was two weeks away and we were already anxious to hit the road. Kathi proposed an alternate plan. She called Dr. Pattanaik and made another appointment on Friday and got his permission for us to travel with a promise to see a nephrologist after we got to California. Good move, Kathi. Kathi called Jim in the evening to check on Ginny and sure enough, she was having a great time visiting.

July 1st was a Saturday and it was raining. It was cooler, which was nice, but we hoped the rain did not last too long to hinder our travel plans. We had lunch at Lubys Cafeteria, then went by the Honey Baked Ham store and picked up two hams to make sandwiches while we traveled.

Sunday evening, we had dinner with Kathi’s older brother, Carl Clark and his wife Cheryn at Topwater Grill in San Leon. We ate fried shrimp at the bar and had a great time visiting.

We spent the next few days avoiding the rain showers and getting ready for our trip. Kathi did a little shopping for both boys. Our oldest needed a TV with a larger screen and our youngest wanted some civilian clothes. We thought they would both be happy with Kathi’s selections.

Tuesday afternoon Kathi called for our mail to be delivered to our next stop – Luling, TX. Escapees usually gets mail to destinations the second day after we call, unless we are in remote areas. Our travel plan was simple. Follow I-10 to California and stop at places with the least cost overnight. We finally gave up on the rain letting up and hit the road on Wednesday, July 5th with rain pouring down in buckets. I had new windshield wipers and a yen to travel, so travel we did. By the time we reached Katy the rain stopped and it was clear the rest of the day.

We got to The River Bend RV Park in Luling about 2 pm. Luling is about 60 miles east of San Antonio and I did not want to go through San Antonio during worker’s traffic driving home, so Luling was a good place for us to stop. The trip was only 175 miles and we arrived refreshed. The park cost $11 per night. We planned to leave Thursday morning after we picked up the mail from the post office.

Thursday came, but the mail did not. We looked around town for a while, then stopped at a farmer’s market and picked up some fresh cream peas – one of my favorite vegetables. They were hard to find outside of Texas. Kathi allowed me to get a pizza for lunch and she cooked some of the fresh vegetables for herself. Delicious and perfect for both of us. Life was good.

Goat and alpaca at River Bend in Luling

Goat demanded a close-up

Handsome dude

White mule at River Bend in Luling

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