Monday, May 23, 2016

A Month in 29

Events in this post took place in August 2006.

We woke up Sunday morning of August 13th still tired from Saturday at the casino with the Marines. We got Christopher and his friends back to the trailer Josh James was living in off base about 11 pm Saturday night. We spent Sunday in the motorhome keeping cool.

Monday we needed to do some grocery shopping, but it was so hot, we waited until after dark. After the grocery store we picked up Christopher and Andrew Harris from Josh James’ trailer and drove them back to the base so they would be ready for work Tuesday morning.  

Tuesday evening, Christopher came over for dinner -- Kathi made steak. It was too hot for baked potatoes, so Kathi made mashed potatoes and a salad to go with the steaks. As usual, dinner was great and listening to Christopher’s stories about his adventures was a pleasant diversion. All the leftovers went back to the base with Christopher

Christopher was working, so we did not get to see him the rest of the week. We stayed cool inside biding our time and making plans to get back to the Houston area. The doctor in Apple Valley told Kathi she needed to light somewhere and stay until her medical issues were resolved. Thus, our immediate future was kind of planned for us.

Christopher woke up sick on Thursday and went on sick call, He felt like it was a sandwich from Subway that made him sick. We went over Thursday night and took him something to eat, since he did not feel like getting out. Friday after work we picked him up and he spent two nights with us in the motorhome. We did not talk much since, he was still not feeling well – instead we had a TV marathon. We had recorded many episodes of “West Wing” and “The Unit” for Christopher while he was out of the country. They were two of his favorite shows at the time and I enjoyed watching them over again, Kathi, not so much, but she liked the company and she enjoyed cooking for her baby boy again.

We went to the base again on Monday evening, August 21st and took Christopher out to lunch on base. They had mostly fast food places on base, so I suspect we had a hamburger, but I do not remember for sure. He was finally feeling back to normal after a few days under the weather with what we assumed was a mild case of food poisoning.

We spent the next couple of weeks mostly inside out of the heat and seeing Christopher when he could get away from the base. The only eventful thing was getting a nail in a tire and Christopher changing it for me. Christopher had eight new Marines assigned to his unit and he was busy with their orientation. We mostly only saw him when we picked him up to get his weekly “high and tight” haircuts.

With Christopher too busy working to see us very often, Kathi and I were ready to move along and get her medical problems resolved. We were hoping it was our last summer in the high desert, as Christopher was being discharged in December.

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