Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Apple Valley and Beyond

Events in this blog post took place in July 2006.

On Tuesday, July 18, 2006, Kathi and I departed the Kofa Mountain RV Park in Quartzsite, AZ and moved to the Lone Wolf RV Park in Apple Valley, CA. Apple Valley was a good stopping off place when we were going to California via I-10. We drove all the way into the Los Angeles area on one of our first trips to California and hated all the traffic. In all subsequent trips we have exited I-10 somewhere before getting into the LA traffic. The trip was around 230 miles long and took us about 5 hours, including set-up time in the RV park. The drive through the mountains was beautiful, but the temperature was too hot for our liking. We decided not to unhook our Jeep, since we were only staying overnight.

The main reason I like to go to Apple Valley is nostalgic. Some of you may have heard the story before. Roy Rogers was my favorite cowboy when I was growing up in east Texas. The Rogers ranch was the Double R Bar. Their family home was in Apple Valley, but the ranch was actually in Oro Grande a little north and west of Victorville. The original Double R Bar Ranch that we saw in movies and TV was in Chatsworth, CA. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans are buried at the Sunset Hills Memorial Park and Mortuary in Apple Valley. I liked the sound of the name – Apple Valley – it sounds so peaceful.

Kathi and I were in California to see our two sons. AJ was in San Francisco and Christopher was stationed at Twentynine Palms when he was not deployed. Since it was another week before Kathi could see the doctor, we stayed only one night in Apple Valley on the way to see AJ in San Francisco.

Wednesday morning, we left Apple Valley and moved to the Yosemite RV Park in Fresno, Ca. The RV park was a dump. Kathi was not happy. Even worse, we could not get a computer satellite signal, so no internet. We had only 30-amp service – it just kept getting worse and worse. We were glad we were on the move and only staying one night. Kathi told me to mark this park off the list, because she would never stay there again. We planned on spending our time with AJ from the San Francisco RV Resort in Pacifica. They called in the late afternoon and told Kathi they did not have a space available for us. Kathi got on the phone to make a different reservation for Thursday night. In the back of my mind, I was relieved, because the park in Pacifica wanted $90 per night. We were going to bite the bullet and pay the exorbitant fee and now we did not have to do that.

Thursday morning, we had an appointment at the Fresno Freightliner for an oil change. While we waited for our motorhome, we ate breakfast, then drove around the Fresno area looking at farms. We saw a beautiful peach grove, acres and acres of cherry tomatoes growing and vineyards with lots of grapes. A really pleasant morning for us. They were through with the work before noon and we moved on to the Trailer Villa San Mateo RV and Mobile Home Park in Redwood City. We arrived about 4 pm. It was mucho cooler, Hooray! We got set up and went to dinner with plans to see our son, AJ the next morning.

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