Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Apple Valley to Twentynine Palms

Events in this post took place in August 2006.

We were back at the Lone Wolf RV Park in Apple Valley, CA where we had stayed overnight about two weeks previous. Wednesday, August 2nd Kathi had an appointment with a nephrologist to follow up on her kidney issues as Dr. Pattanaik in Pasadena, TX had suggested. On this visit they gave Kathi orders to repeat the 24-hour urine analysis, directed her to stop using the diuretic and sent us to a local lab to test her blood again. We scheduled another appointment for the following week. We stayed in town a couple of more days, but spent most of the time inside to avoid the heat. We would need to come back to Apple Valley at apple blossom time to enjoy the scenery.

We got an e-mail from our youngest son, Christopher on Thursday to let us know he would be back from his tour in Okinawa, Japan and return to the marine base at Twentynine Palms by the weekend. As usual, the Marines would not provide exact arrival information.

Friday morning early, Kathi and I went by the lab to drop off the 24-hour urine sample, let them draw her blood before returning to our RV to hook up the Jeep and move to Twentynine Palms.

It was a short 80-mile drive from Apple Valley to Twentynine Palms and we were set-up at the 29 Palms Golf Resort and RV Park before noon. It was warm outside, but cool inside. We were hoping this would be our last summer in the high desert at Twentynine Palms. We got a phone call from Christopher and their plans had changed – they would not arrive back in 29 until mid-week. We were a little disappointed, but not surprised.

We spent the weekend inside our motorhome to avoid the heat. Monday, August 7th we drove back to Apple Valley to see the nephrologist. He told her that her body was retaining too much calcium which was overworking the kidneys. The doctor sent her for a test of her parathyroid.

Christopher called Tuesday and they were on the way to 29 and made a stop in Hawaii. He was having a blast with his friends. They were sitting on the upper deck of a restaurant having drinks with little umbrellas served in coconut shells – oh to be young again. Heck, I would just settle for a cute little drink with an umbrella, but there were no upper decks in the desert. I probably could have found a parasol, but it was too hot for shopping.

Click to enlarge pictures.
Christopher in his barracks room at Twentynine Palms.

Christopher sitting in our Alfa motorhome.

Christopher in uniform inside our Alfa.

Wednesday Christopher called from LAX and we were glad they were back in California and close to us. They arrived at 29 by bus in late afternoon and we were thrilled to see him and his marine buddies. We took him to get something to eat, but he was so tired he fell asleep on the drive back to the marine base.

Kathi got the results from the parathyroid test and results were inconclusive. Our plan was to spend the rest of the month with or near the Marines, then head back to Houston to address the calcium/parathyroid issue. We were going to be with Christopher as much as we could before we departed.


  1. I know it says this is when he returned from deployment to Okinawa. What I remember more than anything during that time was when he went to the middle east and it felt like we were holding our breath until he got back.

  2. Thanks for reading, AJ. Mom and I remember those times very well. We did not even discuss him when he was in Iraq. If we were antsy, think how the Marines felt.