Saturday, May 28, 2016

Back at Green Caye

Events in this post took place in September 2006.

On September 8, 2006, we left the Coachlight RV Park in Las Cruces, NM and headed to Texas on I-10. From Las Cruces to the Texas border did not take long as it is only about 25 miles.  Then came El Paso with a lot of early morning traffic. Once we got through El Paso the rest of the drive was easy with little traffic and some nice scenery. We always enjoy seeing the mountains when we are driving. We left about nine am and arrived at the Parkview RV Park in Fort Stockton, TX a little after three in the afternoon. A little over five hours for a 285-mile trip was about what we expected. The park was nothing special, but it suited our needs. The daily rate was $11, which was perfect for us. We planned to stay two nights before moving closer to our destination in Dickinson.

We departed Fort Stockton on Sunday, September 10 and got set up at the Fredericksburg RV Park in Fredericksburg, TX. The daily rate was $14 and we only planned to stay one night. There was a lot to see in the area, but we decided to do our sightseeing another time, because we were feeling some urgency to get Kathi back to Houston and the Medical center to determine the cause of the kidney problems she was having.

Monday morning it rained on us most of the way to the Happy Oaks RV Park in Columbus, TX. We took US 290 toward Austin, then changed to TX 71 through Bastrop and LaGrange. This route allowed us to miss the San Antonio traffic and make a short 170-mile trip.

Tuesday we arrived at our destination. We left Columbus in the late morning to miss rush hour traffic in Houston. There were a lot of big trucks on the road, but I felt right at home driving along with them. The Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson had a lot more RVs in it than the last time we were there. It seems to be more full with each trip. The drive from Columbus was just a little over 100 miles and we made it in a couple of hours using I-10 and Loop 610, then through Pasadena on TX 225 and on to Dickinson on TX 146. We like that route better than going to Dickinson on I-45 – the Pasadena/Deer Park/La Porte area feels like home to us.

We got set up and went to lunch at Luby’s Cafeteria on NASA Road 1. We did some RV clean up after lunch, in case the family came over to visit. I think the cleaning products we used caused Kathi to have asthma like symptoms that night and the next day. She was having trouble getting a deep breath, so we stayed in for the day.

Thursday I took Kathi to see Dr. Pattanaik and he arranged for Kathi to visit an endocrinologist. She saw Dr. Kaul that same afternoon. He sent her for more blood testing and we made another appointment for the next week. No matter what, we were determined to stay in town long enough to understand all of Kathi’s medical issues. The family was near so we had plenty of visiting to do between doctor visits.

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