Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cinco de Mayo de 2016

My post today is in real time discussing events in 2016.

Kathi and I are still at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson. We have been here since Thanksgiving 2014 to help Larry Clark and his wife Andrea as Larry tries to recover from leukemia. It has been a rough year and a half for them with all the concern about the uncertainty of the outcome of the illness and all the time Andrea has to spend away from work to be with Larry. Kathi and I do what we can to help.

Larry got out of the hospital yesterday after a five week stay to get rid of a MRSA infection. This was his second bout with MRSA and the antibiotics they gave him were pretty strong. The doctors seem to think the MRSA attached itself to one of the leads on his pacemaker. He originally went into the hospital to dissolve blood clots in his legs. The doctors inserted a trap in a blood vessel to prevent the clot from getting to his heart and lungs. He is still getting blood thinners. While he was in the long term care facility at Methodist Hospital he was doing physical therapy every day.

The chemotherapy, the bone marrow transplant and the medications have caused additional medical problems. He is now taking insulin for diabetes. His feet are swollen and the diuretics he takes do not seem to remove enough fluid. His kidney function has dropped to near 30% and the doctors are considering dialysis. The real concern is that his body is not producing enough blood and platelets to keep his strength up. Another bone marrow transplant boost from the same donor may be required in the near future.

On the positive side, his appetite is good and he is putting on a little more weight. He is still down about 40 pounds from where he started. Kathi is a great cook and I have managed to get a few extra meals for myself – all in support of Larry – no one should have to eat alone. He can move around with his walker, but he gets tired quickly. We are expecting a home health care specialist to come by this morning to get the physical therapy regime started again.

We are at Larry's house celebrating Mexico's independence by staying off the streets. My Mexican flag pole is broken anyway. It got broken last year when I was celebrating and an overzealous fan wanted the flag for himself. I did not understand him wanting my flag, because they were on sale cheap at Target. That's life in a foreign country.

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all my friends.

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  1. For the holiday, i put a jar of mayonnaise in my sink.