Wednesday, May 25, 2016

East on I-10

Events in this post took place in September 2006.

When we were ready to leave the 29 Palms Golf Resort and RV Park in Twentynine Palms, CA at the end of August after a one month stay we took our electrical meter reading to the office to find out what our electric bill would be. We were shocked when they told us the electric bill was $500. The person on duty thought there may be something wrong with the meter so for the next day they put us on a different meter. The meter reading on the new meter brought our bill up to $588, just for electrical. She advised us not to pay the electric bill until the manager got the meters checked out. We left our phone number for them to call us and let us know the correct amount  to pay.

Sunday, September 3rd, we picked Christopher up on base and drove to Yucca Valley, which was about 25 miles west from Twentynine Palms on CA 62. This was our last visit with him while he was still a Marine – he was due for discharge in December. We planned to meet him in Dickinson, TX instead of picking him up when he was discharged. Hopefully this would be our last visit to the high desert of southern California, especially in the summertime. We took Christopher to lunch at the Sizzler in Yucca Valley, then back to Twentynine for his weekly haircut. After that, we took him grocery shopping on base at the PX. We bade him a sad goodbye back at his quarters and we went back to the RV to prepare to move on Monday morning.

We were finally on the road again. A month in one place was a long time for RV travelers with an itch to keep moving. It was still too hot, but we did see some beautiful green farming areas moving east on the 225-mile trip, mostly on I-10. Our first stop on our way back to the Houston area was the Saddle Valley RV Park in Tonopah, AZ. We were only staying there overnight, so we did not unhook our Jeep. We stopped for diesel after we got into Arizona and before we checked in at the RV park. Diesel was $296.9 per gallon which was less than we paid in California, but still high.

The next day we moved to the Benson I-10 RV Park again. We had stayed there a few times before. It is an easy in – easy out RV park along I-10 in Arizona. Again we were only staying for the night and did not unhook our Jeep. The trip was just over 200 miles and we arrived in the early afternoon. It was clearly cooler in Benson, although we still felt like we were in the desert. Maybe fall weather was kicking in.

Wednesday, September 6, we drove the 230 miles from Benson to the Coachlight RV Park in Las Cruces, NM. The Coachlight RV Park is adjacent to the Coachlight Motel. They had a few trees, but they did not cause us any problems with our satellite dishes. Kathi was glad to be in an area where they had a variety of restaurants from which to choose. She selected Red Lobster and we both savored the meal. We were staying in Las Cruces for two nights at $13 per night.

Our next stop would be in Texas. Going across Texas takes about as long as it does to get from California to Texas. Kathi was born in Oklahoma, but Texas feels like home to both of us – it is where we had spent most of our lives. We were excited with anticipation to be with her family again.

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