Sunday, May 15, 2016

Melika and Hudson

My post today is in current time. It is Sunday, May 15, 2016.

Kathi and I are staying at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, TX since November 2014. We are in town helping to care for her younger brother Larry Clark who has leukemia. Larry is retired from the City of Houston, but his wife Andrea is still working and plans to work a few more years.

Monday of last week, May 9th, Kathi and I took Larry to Methodist Hospital for the first of four infusions as part of his leukemia recovery. When Andrea got home from work, she went and picked up rib plates for our dinner. Tony’s ribs were good eating.

We drove through Taco Bell on the way to see Dr. Juan Gonzales on Tuesday. Larry and I ordered beef burritos and we ended up with the burritos with Fritos in them – they were not as good as what we expected. Dr. Gonzales is Larry’s nephrologist and we got a good report that Larry’s kidney function was stable.

Wednesday we stayed with Larry at his house. Kathi made bacon, eggs and pancakes for breakfast and it was enjoyed by all. We were expecting a physical therapist to come by in the afternoon for an evaluation of Larry’s physical strength – we could have just told them he had none. Kathi made us hamburgers for lunch – she makes the best hamburgers I ever get to eat. Kathi made steak fingers and gravy for Larry and Andrea to have for dinner.

Andrea’s niece Melika Powell came over for a visit and brought her one-year old son, Hudson. Her husband Carter was in Houston attending a conference. Melika, Carter and Hudson live in Virginia and do not get to this area very often. It was the first time I had seen Melika since she was a little girl. We had a great time visiting and watching Hudson play with the toys that Larry and Andrea have for their grandchildren to play with. It was a fun afternoon and Hudson never stopped. Even though he was tired he played and played and it was pleasurable.

Hudson playing,Melika on phone

Hudson exploring

Hudson chewing on soft toys.

Thursday Kathi and I took Larry back to the hospital for blood tests. He passed and we were back to his home about noon. We stopped by Taco Bell again and I gave them more details about the ingredients we wanted on our burritos – they were better this time. Larry had been suppressing a little cough all week and it seemed to be getting worse.

Kathi and I sat with Larry Friday morning and more bacon, eggs and pancakes. I left out the pancakes for this sitting, Andrea took half a day off and got home about noon. Kathi and I went home early and watched the news on TV. Kathi started having a cough and some sinus drainage caused her a sore throat. We bought some cough drops and I tried to keep her dosed with OTC medications.

She woke up sick on Saturday, but she wanted to go grocery shopping to pick up a few items. We picked up pizza for lunch and I brought her home and put her to bed. She caught up on her TV viewing in the afternoon. Today is Sunday and she is still sick and in bed. She will stay home tomorrow, while I take Larry to the hospital for his next infusion. Andrea is making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for our lunch at the hospital tomorrow. Larry is also running a little temperature and still has his cough. Andrea will give me a list of questions to ask the doctors. I hope it is a healing day for everyone,


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  2. I hope you and Larry have a good trip tomorrow. I want Mom to feel better soon. I Love you all