Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What a Wreck

Events in this post took place in July and August 2006.

On Friday July 28, 2006, Kathi and I took a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway from Half Moon Bay to Pacifica. The cliffs and ocean views were spectacular. We stopped a few times to walk around a little to look at the water, but it was too cool. My Texas friends and relatives may not believe it can get too cold in July, but we were too cold in Pacifica. We spotted an RV park on the way and drove through to see what it looked like. It looked too crowded and the prices were way out of our price range.
Coastline view along Pacific Coast Highway

A California seascape
We drove into San Francisco on Friday to pick up AJ. We took another drive along the coast to share with him the views we had seen. The cool air was invigorating. He did not drive and used public transportation, so he did not get to the seashore very often. We had lunch at Red Lobster. AJ and I had fried shrimp and Kathi had salmon. I think we enjoyed ours more than she did hers. We found a produce stand alongside the road and picked up fruits and vegetables for everyone. Well, almost. Kathi got the veggies and AJ and I got the fruit. We said our good byes with AJ, as this was our last day in town for a while. We needed to move along and he needed to return his concentration to schoolwork. We took him back to his apartment and returned to our RV in Redwood City. 

Cliff by the seashore
The next morning, we drove through Gilroy on the way back to Fresno. Gilroy is known as the garlic capital of the world. They were having a harvest festival – we enjoyed the festivities from the car – too many people and no parking spaces. We got back to Fresno in early afternoon. It was much cooler this time. We stayed at the Sunset West RV Park. They offered 50-amp service, unlike the Yosemite RV Park we stayed in a week earlier. This stay in Fresno was much more pleasant. We spent Friday and Saturday in Fresno before returning to Apple Valley. 

Ocean view along the Pacific coast Highway

Waves hitting rocks just off the beach.
Monday, August 1st, we drove back to Apple Valley. The farms and orchards along the way were beautiful sights to see. We got the motorhome set up back at the Lone Wolf RV Park, then we went looking for a restaurant to get something to eat.

Traffic was pretty heavy and while we were stopped awaiting our turn to go, we got rear ended. A young lady was driving the second car back and claimed a truck forced her out of her lane, she hit the week-old Chevrolet pickup behind us and drove him into our Jeep. Remember our Jeep was less than a month old. We were sick about our vehicle. The young lady and her friend would not say much and just sat in their car. Her mother showed up before the police and the mother told the policeman she was driving the car. The young lady had no license and no insurance. We found out from the mother that the young lady riding as passenger was hurt. I think she hit her chest on the dashboard. We were sick about our autos, but glad there were no serious injuries.

The young lady's car had to be totaled – it folded like an accordion. The man in the middle driving the pickup truck had both front and rear damage. I estimated $3,000 to fix his truck and $1,500 to fix our Jeep. We did not plan to get it fixed until we returned to Texas. Too bad, so sad. We still had things to do in California, including having a good time.