Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Medical Update

Today’s post in current time – June 2, 2016. We are still at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, Texas.

Sorry for not posting in a few days. Kathi and I have both been under the weather. After struggling with an upper respiratory ailment for about three weeks, she seems to be back to normal, but I am still struggling with congestion in my head and chest. I am into my third week now and the chest congestion is still just like it was in the beginning. I have been to the doctor three times for different types of medication and I got a chest x-ray yesterday and ruled out pneumonia.

I understand a lot of my friends are suffering with similar symptoms. I assume the high humidity in Texas is playing a part in causing us the discomfort. I hope each of you recovers soon.

A quick update on my brother-in-law, Larry Clark who is trying to recover from leukemia treatment. He got an upper respiratory infection and has been in the hospital about three weeks this time. They also determined he was infected with MRSA for the third time, so he has been on heavy antibiotics to get rid of the infection.

His body is retaining a lot of fluid and he may have pneumonia, but it has not been specifically diagnosed. His blood oxygen was getting too low, so they have him on oxygen most of the time now. His kidney function has gotten worse. The doctors moved him into intensive care at Methodist Hospital yesterday. His wife Andrea and my wife Kathi spent yesterday evening and all day today with him. He seems to be breathing a little better, but his recover has been a real struggle.

More to come.