Saturday, June 11, 2016

Doctors and Computers

While Kathi and I are at an extended stay at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, TX, I have been writing about our travels in previous years. Today’s post discusses events that took place in October 2006. Do not confuse Kathi’s brother Larry Clark’s heart rate medical problems then with his current medical problems with his leukemia recovery. His medical conditions then are not related to current medical problems.

Sunday, October 1, 2006, Larry was in the hospital trying to get his heart rate under control. The previous night his heart rate was 182, but with medical care and three new medicines his heart rate was holding steady at 66. The doctors told him he could go home on Tuesday, if his heart rate stayed stable. Kathi and I visited Larry and Andrea at the hospital for a few hours then we returned home. It was too hot and humid to spend much time outside.
Larry Clark in 2007
Monday morning, Kathi and I drove into Deer Park for haircuts and had lunch at Las Hadas – the home of my favorite cheese enchiladas. The next day I took Kathi back to see Dr. Kaul, her endocrinologist. The cat scan did not show any new information about her parathyroid problems. He wanted to do more tests, but he had already told us that she would probably need surgery. We knew the surgeon would want to run the same tests again, so we asked Dr. Kaul for a referral to the surgeon. He made an appointment for her to see Dr. Robert Marvin at St. Luke’s hospital on October 13th
This is me in 1944. I think Mom wanted a sailor.
 We spent the next few days at home doing a few chores around the RV. Kathi is never satisfied with the amount of housework we do. There is always something else. I have tried to relate my retired feelings to no avail. Housework gets to be a habit. With less floor space in the RV, it should be easier, but that does not seem to be Kathi’s impression. We did take time out one day to have a pleasant lunch with Kathi’s mother, Ginny and step-father, Jim Hathaway.  The mother-daughter relationship between Kathi and her mother was special to both of them. I assume that is true for a lot of people. Jim and I just enjoyed listening to them talk.

The weekend of October 7th and 8th we were having computer problems with Kathi’s computer. I was trying to resolve the problems and Kathi was feeling trapped inside. It was a little cooler out and she wanted to be out and about to take advantage of the opportunity. She told me she was getting cabin fever and she got a little perturbed with me when I reminded her she lived in an RV, not a cabin -- Oh, well. It was funny to me. With the new meds, Larry’s heart rate stabilized at 42-48, which is very close to normal for him. We were hoping that crisis was over.

I may be slow, but I am persistent. I finally got Kathi’s computer working again on Monday. Then on Tuesday, I took Kathi to see Dr. Eric Faust who is a renal specialist. Her kidney function was better than it was in June, but still not where it should be. He sent her for more lab work and an ultrasound of her kidneys. On the way home from the doctor’s office we saw a beautiful double rainbow. We took it as a positive sign that things were going to get better. You look for good omens wherever you can find them. A double rainbow felt like as good as any other omen. We were just happy to be alive and together.
Double rainbow over the John Day Dam on the Columbia River on my 70th birthday. This picture is through the windshield of our RV. We were staying at the Giles French BLM near Rufus, OR.

Our Family. AJ is the tall one in the back and Christopher is on the right. About 1980 or 1981.

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