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Events in this post took place in September 2006.

Saturday, September 23, 2006 was hot and humid, but our laundry was stacking up from traveling across country and we had to get the wash done. We tried a couple of laundromats before Kathi found one clean enough that she would feel comfortable washing, drying and folding our clothes. After the laundry we stayed inside reading. It finally rained about 11 pm, which made it nice for sleeping.

Sunday was a beautiful day following the rain the previous evening and we stayed in most of it watching TV. We did make a Starbucks run in the late afternoon and we got to see a breathtaking sunset. I tried to get a picture, but with the traffic and building proximity we could not find a good place for a picture – too bad. That was one we would like to have shared.

Monday I drove to a computer store to look around and Kathi stayed home and made an appointment for a cat scan of her parathyroid. We were hopeful that the growth Dr. Kaul expected was not a tumor. We had lunch at Olive Garden. Kathi had salmon and I had spaghetti with Italian sausage. I love their salads and as always ate enough of it that I had leftover spaghetti to take home for later. Kathi made an appointment for Wednesday morning at 7 am.

Tuesday was another beautiful day and a little cooler after the rain earlier in the week. We spent the day at home. Wednesday we got up at 5 am to get to Bayshore Hospital for the cat scan. We were glad to get it done. Kathi was told that Dr. Kaul would have the results within 24 hours. We were anxious for the results and trying to anticipate the next steps to take. It was a long day and we were in bed by nine. The next day Kathi had lunch with her friend Linda Moreau. They worked at Dooley-Tackaberry together just before Kathi retired. They kept in contact while we traveled and got together when they got an opportunity. The off and on rain and moderate temperatures continued into Thursday.

Friday in the afternoon Kathi’s heart started beating too fast. Her heart rate got up to 102 for a few hours which scared both of us when her medication did not seem to be helping. This problem added to the anxiety she was already feeling and made her very nervous. She took her nighttime meds early and her heart rate finally dropped back to her normal 45-50 beats per minute. This was an unusual episode for her and we agreed she should probably add a heart doctor to our list of things to do while we were in town.

We were ready for some good news. Saturday they called and told us we could pick up our Jeep from the repair shop. It looked like new again – we were thrilled, until Kathi got a call from her sister-in-law, Andrea. Kathi’s brother Larry Clark was in the emergency room. His normal heart rate was near fifty, but that day it went up to 182. We went to sit with them at the emergency room. The cardiologist wanted Larry to stay in the hospital a few days while they ran some tests. When we left the hospital around 7 pm his heart rate was down to the low 140s. I had some thoughts about family member and circadian rhythm. Two siblings with similar problems around the same time seemed unusual to me.

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