Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Nuclear Stress Test

Events in this post occurred in October 2006.

Happy anniversary. Monday, October 23, 2006 marked Kathi and my 42nd wedding anniversary. We stayed home and Kathi did some house work. I will make it up to her the next time we are near a casino.

It was a cool day, but we were too relaxed in the afternoon to get out.  She got a call from Dr. Marvin’s office that her parathyroid surgery was moved from November 8th to November 1st. That was fine with her, because she was ready to get it over with.

My sister, Carol Jackson called and told us her husband Lloyd was doing better. They had pumped his stomach the previous day and his stomach pains had gone away, but they still have not discovered the source of the bowel obstruction.

Tuesday was uneventful and Wednesday we ate catfish at Sudie’s on Spencer Highway in Pasadena. Kathi had the seafood platter and I had all-you-can-eat catfish. I really could not eat enough to make the all-you-can-eat a good value. If they had a four catfish filet plate it would have been perfect for me, but the three catfish filet plate always left me going home wanting more. Oh, well. Nothing is perfect. Their prices seemed to go up every time we ate at Sudie’s, so we surmised the next time we were in town we would not want to spend our money there anyway.

After Sudie’s we went grocery shopping. It was a pleasant day with moderate temperature and it was good to be out in the sunshine. On the way home from grocery shopping, we got a call from Carol to let us know Lloyd was out of the hospital. They were glad surgery was not required. They spent the next few days with Lloyd’s mother at her house in Deer Park.

On Thursday, October 26th Kathi saw Dr. Nasser, a cardiologist at St. Luke’s Hospital and had a stress test and an ultrasound as part of the parathyroid surgery preparation. Kathi did not do well on the stress test and they wanted her to return on Friday for a nuclear stress test. It rained all day and driving around town was miserable, but not as miserable as having to return on Friday for more testing.

We were at St. Luke’s early Friday morning – no rain for the drive into the Medical Center. Kathi passed the nuclear stress test, but it was very uncomfortable for her. Her heart rate is normally below 50 and during the test they raised her heart rate to over 140. It was bad enough that she told them she would never do it again. All evening she complained about her chest hurting and feeling like it was bruised.

Kathi was feeling better on Saturday. We had lunch with Kathi’s mother and step-father, Ginny and Jim Hathaway and her brother and his wife, Larry and Andrea Clark. After lunch we went to the Hathaway home in La Porte for coffee and conversation. It was a pleasant fall day and a very pleasant afternoon with family. Life was still being good to us. Happy days.


  1. In my own life I try to look forward but having this to look back on will always be a treasure.

  2. Thanks for reading my blog, AJ. I enjoy writing about our experiences. I appreciate all comments.