Saturday, June 4, 2016

Parathyroids and Alzheimer's

This post relates events that occurred in September 2006.

Kathi and I were back at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, TX. We came back to Texas to address some of Kathi's health issues. We saw our family doctor, Deepak Pattanaik on Thursday morning and he referred her to Dr. Kaul, an endocrinologist that we saw in the afternoon. We went to the lab and gave blood samples again. Every doctor seems to want their own personal blood tests, even if you have one that is less than a week old. So now we were awaiting Dr. Kaul to let us know when to return to his office.

Friday, September 15th, Kathi and I took her mother and step-father, Jim and Ginny Hathaway out to lunch at Red Lobster. Lunch was pleasant and we enjoyed catching up on the latest gossip. We took them back home in early afternoon and went back to our motorhome to rest. I was still tired from the quick drive from California back to Texas. Kathi got a call from Dr. Pattanaik about the blood test results and her calcium was down from the last blood test – good news, but still no resolution to the problem.

Saturday Kathi and I enjoyed catfish at Sudie's on Spencer Highway in Pasadena. Good eating. We heard from both our sons and they were enjoying life, which is always good news for parents. Christopher still has not decided what he wanted to do after the Marine Corps. He still had a few months to decide.

We had rain for a few days which helped lower the alcohol in the thermometer. Fall weather is great some days in Houston. We went to the movies to see Hollywoodland. I have no recollection of what the movie was about and I am even surprised I went to see it – it had to be Kathi's choice. We ate lunch at Luby's Cafeteria on the way home from the movie.

Wednesday, September 20th we finally got around to putting our Jeep in the shop for Repairs. It was still new to us and we were anxious to get it back in like-new condition. They told us it would take about a week to repair. We got a rental car that was too small for me, but we managed.

Thursday we went back to see Dr. Kaul. He thought there was a growth on Kathi's parathyroid. It sounded scary. He wanted a cat scan to get more information.

Friday we had lunch with Jim and Ginny at Gringo's. Kathi noticed her mother was having trouble remembering things. This had been a small problem for awhile, but it seemed to be markedly worse. It appeared to be the early stages of Alzheimer's and we anticipated some hard times ahead.


  1. Ten years ago. Does not feel like ten years.

  2. Arlon, my husband and I ar full timers for the past 2 years. He was just diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I am trying to find someone who has traveled with the same issues. He is only 66 and in very early stages. Your blog came up when I searched "Alzheimer's travel motorhome". Do you have any info that could help me.

  3. Thanks for the comment. Following is my wife's e-mail address: Send her a note and the two of you can discuss this issue in less public manner. Send your phone number via e-mail, if you would prefer to talk instead of e-mail. Kathi would be happy to talk to you either way.