Thursday, June 30, 2016

Trip to Brenham

Events in this post took place in March 2007.

In my last post, Kathi and I were at Green Caye in Dickinson, TX. We stayed at Green Caye from the middle of September 2006 until the first of March 2007 taking care of medical issues, visiting family and allowing Kathi to recover from her parathyroid surgery. Hooray! We were finally ready to travel again.
This picture and the ones below were captured at David Adickes Sculptureworx studio near downtown Houston.

Our first trip for the year was a short one to the Artesian Park RV Campground in Brenham, TX on Monday, March 5th. It was a short 100-mile trip into Houston on I-45 and out of Houston on US 290. The route was one we had taken many times before and it seems like most of it was on Houston Freeways. Once we were past the hordes of people in Houston, we were at our destination. I wanted just a short trip since it had been almost six months since we had traveled. I was not sure if I remembered all my RVing obligations – it was easy and we had no problems on the drive. The RV park was nothing special, but the price was reasonable. We spent $117 for one week using the Passport America rate.

We did have a great view out our front windshield. We were looking into a field being grazed by cows, horses and mules. The weather was great as it should be in springtime everywhere. We opened all our shades and windows, then discovered another field nearby with chickens and turkeys. Being back on the road was already being more fun than being parked at the same location for a long period.

Tuesday, we took a drive to Lake Somerville and enjoyed the atmosphere. We meandered around the lake for a while and found out the camp sights there were run by the Corps of Engineers. The sights had water and electric, but no sewer connections. That was not unusual and probably a great way to spend some springtime, if you planned ahead. During spring and summer months the spaces were reserved months ahead of time, especially weekends. We were disappointed that it was too early for the wild flower to be in bloom, but the red-bud trees were blooming. We were elated to see a fawn in a clearing. Animals are much more pleasant to see roaming free. It was only about fifty miles round trip to the lake, but we drove over 120 miles wandering around. Another great day for Kathi and I.

We spent the next few days looking around Brenham. Wednesday was another beautiful day with temperature in the mid-70’s. It seemed that each day was getting warmer and we thought we needed to move further north soon. Thursday we did our laundry and spent the rest of the day at home. Kathi was still having some hormone issues and she decided she would need to see an endocrinologist when we got to Georgetown.

By Saturday it was warm enough we had to close our windows and turn on our air conditioning. We had a Mexican lunch at El Charro, a restaurant my sister Carol had recommended. The food was okay, but not great. Best not to expect too much eating in strange places, even with a recommendation. Sunday was a little cooler and we began planning for the short Trip to Georgetown on Monday. We were moving down the road. Life was good.


  1. I love the windows in your RV. I especially like your big screen tv in front that moves up to open that humongous window in front. I have only traveled with you a few times and I think I have seen wildlife every time. You are right about seeing them roaming free. They are majestic.

  2. Thanks for reading and making a comment on my blog. I hope you enjoyed it.