Monday, July 11, 2016

Amarillo by Morning

Events in this post occurred in April 2007.

It was April 2nd which was a Monday. We awoke early at the Lubbock RV Park anxious to get on the road. We were going 125 miles north to the Amarillo Ranch RV Park. We took I-27 through Abernathy, Plainview, Kress, Tulia, Happy and Canyon on the way to Amarillo. Plainview and Canyon were the only sizeable communities we saw; the others being just whistle stops. It was mostly farm and ranch land, which was fine with us. It was another beautiful spring day in Texas and we like to see agriculture in progress. The Amarillo Ranch RV Park charged $154 per week. It was more than we usually paid, but we toughed it out for a week.

Tuesday we drove to Palo Duro Canyon – it looked like a miniature Grand Canyon. There were a lot of spaces for camping and RV parking, but we would not want to take our motorhome into the park. It was cool and windy with temperature in the mid-60’s – perfect for us. They were building new homes on one side of the canyon. What a great view to wake up to every day. We did not walk a lot, but the walking we did in the canyon wore us out. We were ready for a nap when we got home. Retirement was hard for older folks.

A view of Palo Duro Canyon
Wednesday we took a short drive to look around Amarillo. We stopped at Dyers BBQ for lunch. It was a nice restaurant and the food was great. I had sausage and pulled pork with pinto beans and potato salad and Kathi had sliced beef. Kathi was wearing a sweat shirt because of the cool temperature. I stuck with my shorts and short sleeved shirt – that was my entire wardrobe. On the way home Kathi spotted an RV park called RV Xpress. We took a drive through. It was a large park and very nice. We decided to consider it the next time we were in Amarillo.

The next day, Kathi had the Thursday special – turkey & dressing at Cracker Barrel. Weather stayed great the next few days and we enjoyed being out and about. Friday it got colder – down to freezing temperatures. There was snow in the forecast for the next couple of days. Interesting weather, but fun no matter what. We discussed extending our stay in Amarillo, because Kathi did not want me driving on icy roads. I thought it would be okay, but I have learned to listen a little more and follow my own instincts a little less.

It was cold all weekend and we had a little snow. It seems like the wind was continuous in Amarillo. We re-upped for another week at the RV park. By the time Monday came around it started getting warmer again. It got up to the low 50’s. It was fine for me. We opened the windows to let some fresh air inside and ended up having to close all but two windows because it got too airy. Looking out the window at the sunshine was great. We stayed at home all day, enjoying being together. Kathi made dinner at home.

I was second guessing our staying another week, but the commitment was already made. I prepared my mind for another fun filled week in the Texas panhandle.

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