Thursday, July 7, 2016

Baird and Abilene

Events in this post occurred in March 2007.

Kathi and I left the Berry Springs RV Park in Georgetown on Monday, March 19th and got on US 183 through Lampasas and Brownwood on the way to Baird, TX. We began the trip with drizzling rain and damp clothing for the 180-mile drive. We had recently spent six months stationary in Dickinson, so we were glad just to be moving. We looked at a Passport America park in Baird, but did not like the way it looked. It was small, grassed-over and nested among houses located on each side of the park. We decided to stay at the Baird Inn on I-20. This was a small motel with about 20 RV spaces in the rear. The RV portion was not paved and there were some deep ruts in the drive, but it was adequate for our needs. I just had to remember to drive slow getting in and out of the park. We paid $105 to stay a week for all the utilities, including 50-amp electrical service – cheap. If there was anything to see in the area, we could live there permanently at that rate. Unfortunately, we saw almost everything in Baird while looking for the Passport America Park.

Tuesday was cool, windy and overcast with no rain. We made a trip to the post office to mail a package and called Escapees in Livingston to have them forward our mail to us. In the afternoon, we enjoyed a short 20-minute walk in the woods.

Bird I saw out the window of our RV while at the Baird Inn.

Baird City Hall

Baird T & P Depot Sign

Better view of the T  P Depot  & Museum
By Wednesday we had seen everything around Baird and decided to drive into Abilene to look around. It was only about 20 miles west on I-20. I spent a few weeks in Abilene one summer when I was in high school. My grandparents on my mother’s side lived there and my Uncle Tommy was only one year older than I was. I enjoyed running around with him, but I think I embarrassed him – him being older and more sophisticated. A year difference in age seemed like a lot when we were in junior high and high school.

Nothing looked the same. All the things I thought I would remember, I did not remember. My grandfather had an Allis-Chalmers dealership on Treadway 40 years earlier and I could not even identify the building, even though I had spent a lot of time there when I visited.

There were a lot of new buildings and businesses in town. We also discovered Lake Coleman which had several RV parks nearby. The problem was the roads were so rough we were hesitant to drive in that area with our motorhome.

It drizzled rain off and on all week long. We walked almost every day, but before the weekend began, we had already seen all we ever wanted to see in the Baird-Abilene area. Translate that as bo-o-o-oring. We were definitely ready to move along again before the weekend was over.

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  1. No wonder Baird was so cheap. Not such a bargain after all. Sounds like you were disappointed with your trip to Abilene too. I am sorry to read that. Hopefully next time you are in Georgetown you can Reach out to someone and see a movie with a friend or something

  2. Baird is a good stopover place. It is easier to get in an out of than other RV parks in the area. We prefer Baird to Abilene for an overnight stay.