Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kindred Rehabilitation Hospital

This post reflects current events and is an update on my brother-in-law, Larry Clark.

About a month ago Larry was transferred from the cell and bone marrow transplant center on the 8th floor of Methodist Hospital to Kindred Hospital in the Medical Center. He always got excellent care at Methodist Hospital.

The experience with Kindred downtown was not as good. We feel like he deteriorated during his month stay there. He got dialysis three days per week, but not on a regular scheduled time. He was supposed to get physical therapy and occupational therapy daily, but they often showed up when he was having dialysis. Not having a schedule was a real problem. They used visiting nurses at that hospital and there was no continuity or follow up on many personal and medical issues. We think all the staff was overloaded with too many patients, and the problems were exacerbated with lack of a schedule. Several times after dialysis his blood pressure got so low, he felt bad, was lethargic and unable to eat.

Larry was transferred to Kindred Rehabilitation Hospital on Medical Center Blvd in Webster on Tuesday, July 26th. His wife Andrea met him on his arrival. Kathi and I saw him yesterday. His primary care physician at the new hospital is an MD with a PhD in biochemical medicine. His name is Dr. Lewis Clarke and his PA is Susan Gratzfeld. Andrea got to meet Dr. Clarke on Tuesday and Kathi and I saw Susan yesterday. They were both encouraging, positive and determined to get Larry walking again soon.

Larry also has a case manager. a hematologist, an oncologist and a nephrologist assigned to monitor him. They have a regular schedule for all therapy and dialysis. Along with medications he needs, he is getting supplements he needs to stabilize his body chemistry and boost the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

He has been in bed so long, his blood pressure crashes when he tries to sit on the side of the bed. The therapist wrapped his legs and stomach with wraps that will not let all the blood flow to his legs when he sits up. He was able to sit up and do physical therapy this morning, with the wraps in place. This afternoon when Kathi talked to him he said he was hungry. It has been a while since we heard that. Before, we have had to be forceful to get him to eat. This is better.

This is the most encouraged Kathi and I have been in a while. We are not looking for a miracle; we just want progress. Larry needs to be at home and I think we are getting closer to that.

Larry talking to Kathi yesterday.

Larry last night getting ready to eat watermelon.


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