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Lubbock and Buddy Holly

Events in this post occurred in March 2007.

Monday, March 26, 2007 we left our luxurious accommodations at the Baird Inn RV Park and moved to the Lubbock RV Park. We drove west on I-20 through Abilene and Sweetwater, then we took US 84 west and north through Snyder and Post on the way to Lubbock. It was a drive of about 185 miles. We had a little rain on the trip, but not a bad drive. We stayed in Space 78 at the Lubbock RV Park for $124 per week. Not a bad rate and both our satellite dishes were able to find the satellites, so we were happy campers.

Tuesday we surveyed the area and ran a few errands. It was a beautiful day to be out in the sunshine. There was a lot of road construction going on in Lubbock, making moving around the city tiresome. We just took our time and enjoyed the life of RV travelers. We had Red Lobster for lunch. I was stuck on the Sailor’s Platter and Kathi had salmon.

Wednesday was another bright, sun-shiny day with a lot of wind. We spent a few hours at the Buddy Holly museum. I was a huge Buddy Holly fan and I think I read everything they had on display. I am sure I bored Kathi while she waited on me, but it was a small museum. Well worth my time seeing it. To make it up to Kathi, I took her to Logan’s Steak House for lunch-dinner (linner or lunner?). The meal was mediocre, so it did not work out as well as I hoped. I guess sometimes you expect too much. The atmosphere was similar to Outback, but the food was not as good. They probably have tough cows in west Texas.

Arlon modeling the Buddy Holly Glasses

The Buddy Holly Center is a small museum

Buddy Holly statue at a traffic circle in Lubbock

We had a lot of rain, wind and hail on Wednesday night, but there was no damage to our Jeep or our motorhome. Thursday was cooler and somewhat overcast, but still a beautiful day. We took advantage of the temperature and went to the laundromat to get all our clothes clean. After laundry we ate lunch at Olive Garden. I ate so much salad, I was not hungry by the time my spaghetti and Italian sausage arrived, so I had leftovers to take home for dinner. Kathi had chicken spiedini for lunch.

Friday was March 30th. Kathi was not feeling too well, so we did a little Walmart shopping and spent the rest of the day at home. It rained on us all the time we were out and the rain stopped just after we got home. The sun came out and the afternoon looked great. Kathi took a nap and I watched the outside activities through my window while I was surfing the internet.

Saturday was another great day to be outside. We wanted some Tex-Mex and drove around until we found an On the Border restaurant. Kathi likes their salads and I opted for cheese enchiladas. We drove some more after lunch and came across a prairie dog colony. We spent over an hour parked and watching the animals. They were so funny. They dug around in the dirt and popped up on their hind legs at very short intervals. Their skittish behavior and fast movement is fascinating. Another nice thing to remember about Lubbock.

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