Thursday, July 21, 2016

Manitou Springs

Events in this post took place in April 2007.

Saturday, April 21, 2007 was moving day again. We had spent two days at the Fountain KOA in Fountain, CO and Friday we scouted out the Pike’s Peak RV Park in Manitou Springs. They only had two spaces available, so we paid them rental for a space for a month. Now it was moving day. It was a short 20-mile trip, so we were in no hurry.

We had to make a stop at a tire store on the way to the RV park and replace the outside right rear tire. I hit a curb with the side of the tire on a narrow street in Fountain on Thursday while we were looking for the Passport America park. It was a bad omen, I suppose, because we did not like the park after we saw it. After we discovered the damaged tire I called and found a replacement tire an arranged for a Saturday installation.

We arrived at the Pike’s Peak Park at about 10 am and selected the site we thought would give us the best reception for our TV and satellite dishes. The gentleman that was the caretaker of the site was very amiable and pleasant to do business with. He helped me get set up and assured both satellite dishes could get reception before he left us. Many of the people staying in the park were permanent residents. There were about 25 spaces and most spaces were shaded by large old trees. The space we chose was on the north side of the park to give us a clearing to the southern sky and satellites.

My understanding is that park no longer allows monthly rentals. They only show daily and weekly rates. I am sure that increases their revenue. It is only a few miles from the park to the road up to the top of Pike’s Peak, so they have no trouble keeping the park full.

After getting set up, Kathi and I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. I think I had a sinus infection, which was not uncommon for me. I spent most of the afternoon napping. While I was asleep, Kathi and our older son AJ were making arrangements for him to fly into town to spend a few days with us. We stayed in the next couple of days and saved our sightseeing to share with AJ.

Tuesday it rained most of the morning and snowed in the afternoon. We picked AJ up at the Colorado Springs airport on Tuesday evening. Although we talked on the phone almost every day, it was good to be together and have a few laughs and see a few smiles.

Wednesday we drove up into the mountains to see the Seven Falls area. The area was beautiful and the falls were fun to see. Full enjoyment of the falls required some walking, but we chose most of our viewing from the car and near the roadway. Walking on flat ground was okay, but walking on mountain trails was difficult for Kathi and I both. We were just enjoying being together.

AJ at Seven Falls park

I was as happy to see AJ as I was the falls, so he is in all my pictures.

More of Seven Falls

Another view
I will continue with more of the Manitou Spring and Colorado Springs experiences in my next post. 


  1. I love Colorado. I remember the temperature was perfect on this trip

  2. For sure, Mom and I had a great time in the Colorado Springs area. Having you there was special.

  3. I just noticed what you said about me in all the pictures. Sure made me smile and feel haapy

  4. I just noticed what you said about me in all the pictures. Sure made me smile and feel haapy