Monday, July 18, 2016

Raton, NM to Fountain, CO

Today’s post is about events in April 2007.

April 15, 2007 was a Sunday, so people that paid their taxes at the last minute got a 24-hour reprieve. We paid our taxes in February and I still feel obligated to hate tax day every year. Sunday was the day we arrived at Raton, NM.

On Monday we woke up early and opened the shades, so we could see out. There was a regular exodus of RV’s leaving the park in the morning. We held our ground. Our plan was to stay through Wednesday and move again on Thursday.

We took a long drive around the mountains, enjoying all the pine trees. There were patches of snow everywhere at this elevation – over 7,800 feet above sea level. After the drive we ate sandwiches for lunch and stayed in the rest of the day.

Tuesday it was foggy and we stayed home. Kathi was having trouble getting enough oxygen at this elevation. Besides, it did not take long to see all there was to see of Raton, so nowhere to explore in the fog. The temperature was in the 40’s so staying inside felt cozy.

Beautiful weather on Wednesday, but we stayed at the RV park to get our laundry done before moving again. They only had two home-style washing machines, so doing our laundry took a while. We did not care. We were retired and on the way to nowhere with no special time to arrive. What a life. But, we were ready to move anywhere else. The mountain scenery was great, but other than that Raton did not have a lot to offer.

Thursday we took I-25 north about 140 miles to Fountain, CO. Fountain is just south of Colorado Springs. We looked at a Passport America Park and it was too shoddy for Kathi’s taste, so we looked for another park. We found and stayed at the Fountain KOA for two nights at $46 per night. That was way over our budget, but it gave us time to look around the area and find a more reasonably priced RV Park.

Pastoral scene in Colorado

Evergreen trees around a Colorado lake

Lonely fisherman
It was a great drive to Fountain, Pueblo was the only large town we went through. Elevation was 5,500 feet so most of the trip was downhill from Raton, but you always go up and down in the mountains. The lower elevation helped Kathi breathe a little better.

Friday, April 20th we spent the day looking for another RV Park that was affordable. We found the Pike’s Peak RV Park in Manitou Springs, in the suburbs of Colorado Springs. We were still in the off-season so they let us rent a space for $500 per month. Their off-season weekly rate was $125, but we wanted to stay in the area a little longer. Pike’s Peak should have been a clue.

We were looking forward to a fun filled month in Colorado. Kathi read some brochures and found some interesting things to see in the area. We were looking forward to moving a few miles further north to Manitou Springs and Pike’s Peak RV Park on Saturday morning.

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